How to Purge out Islam

from any Non-Muslim country

By Suresh Vyas

The internet free media has helped the world know very well truthfully how barbaric, intolerant, anti-democratic cancerous Islam is. Therefore, as of now (Aug. 2016) Angola has declared Islam illegal, China and Myanmar have taken many measures to curb Islam.

Purging out Islam from, or declaring it illegal in, a non-Muslim democracy is possible as long as the non-Muslim people are in majority and with unity they determine to purge out Islam. They will need to amend constitution clearly declaring any anti-democracy religion or ideology illegal. Once the constitution is amended thus, it will be very easy to purge out Islam. While effort to amend the constitution are going on, the government / people can do the following:

  1. Do not give permission for separate Sharia law for Muslims
  2. Do not give permission to run Muslims schools (madressas)
  3. Do not give permission to build mosques
  4. Declare distribution or sale of Koran, Hadith, and Sura illegal
  5. Ban blocking streets by Muslims for namaaz (Islamic prayer)
  6. Ban burkha
  7. Ban halaal meat sales or advertisements
  8. Do not declare any Muslim holiday as national holiday
  9. Ban use of Arabic in mosques (allow only the national language in mosques)
  10. Forbid Islamic holiday celebrations
  11. Ban foreign mullahs or Muslim preachers to enter in country
  12. Do not allow loudspeakers on mosques
  13. Declare illegal the possession of arms, weapons, or explosives by Muslims
  14. Ban entry back in the country for those Muslims who go pilgrimage to Macca and Madina
  15. Declare a law that says no Muslim man can divorce his wife saying, “tallaaq, tallaaq, tallaaq”
  16. Make legal marriage age above 17 years
  17. Punish all those who support or make any effort in cutting clitoris of girls
  18. Ban any ritual that causes injury to children
  19. Economically boycott Muslims. That is, with unity no one will ever buy or sell any product or service from any Muslim no matter what
  20. Encourage Muslims to quit Islam by social, intellectual, political, and economic pressures

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