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About Cows


A cow’s milk is highly nutritious that its advantages are hard to explain. A cow gives plenty of milk besides her own café. There is enough milk provided by cow for the entire family otherwise it will go into the drain. That is the Nature Laws. Those who keep cows benefit economically in numerous ways by selling its milk and running a dairy.


Milk cleanses our body and keeps it healthy as well as increases our intellectual power. There is no need to explain the advantages of the products of a cow. It is written in the Artha Veda that cows’ extinction from earth would result in Sun’s increase in temperature that would ultimately destroy the planet. This shows that the earth and cow have a significant relation. This Vedic expression can be understood in a simple meaning that the relation between the two is conditional and dependent. Those who drink and use cow’s milk, proved brilliant and intellectual. And the buffalo’s milk user has been proved dull and blunt. The cow’s urine (Gauut) and dung can turn soil fertile and help crops to grow. The grasses that sprout from the soil, straw, stalk, and other grains can be used as fodder for cow which retains the traditional balance. A cow’s significance is huge. We need to open the discussion, which is highly necessary, if we should consume cow’s meat or not. During the Vedic period the Risihis’ had observed a ritual sacrifice of the cow which brought all curses of diseases as leprosy, Dusadhya, Rajyayachma and Ohjayachma different kinds of diseases that led the Rishis to their death. So the ritual was not observed. To consume the cow’s meat can be compared to consuming slow poison. The killing of cow and its sacrifice was banned. To eat cow’s meat is in reality like consuming poison.


Those who are used to eating beef have low immunity resistance, and they easily fall prey to the diseases, which ultimately claim their lives; so all sectors ought to be alert to this danger. In Saudi Arab to take a picture of Lord Shiva is banned, it is prohibited. In

similar manner if beef is allowed to enter the holy land of Nepal for the consumption by tourists the government ought to impose strict regulation against it. It is the subject of the sensitivity of this land. In the name of secularism no one has the right to kill the

aspirations of the majority in the interest of the minority of the country. However, it is said that the cow from the Himwat-khanda region and that from western countries some differ considerably. There are logics that claim the consumption of cow meat in western nation is less dangerous than what it would be in this region. The environment and the geographical environment create such difference between the east and western regions. British grass cannot be used for religious rites of Hindus. If the grass sprouting in any other places than Himwat-khanda cannot be used for Hindu rituals then there must be some difference in terms of cow too-as some logics have pointed out. In western nation it is said that consuming cow meat does not bring diseases, but drinking urine brings great illness. But in Himwat-khanda it is the reverse.


Drinking cow urine cures diseases, where as other animal’s urine can be fatal. The cow’s meat eaters are the sufferers of leprosy and death in decay.


Once there was news that people in Britain went mad and became ill after consuming cow’s meat. They had even stopped consuming cow’s meat. Then, the British government banned cow’s meat. In many beef eating countries banned the beef from Britain. After that, some Britain’s media reported that, so many British left eating cows’ meat. If a person suffering from arthritis consumes sheep’s meat, and if a person with pressure consumes the meat of a castrated goat then they suffer from unnecessary thoughts. If a person eats beef that person suffers from bad breath. There must have been an ulcer inside the stomach. To eat goat’s meat for the blood- pressure patients and to eat the sheep’s meat for the rheumatism patients will harmful. So, the beef is also becoming the causes of the obesity and increases cholesterol level which is very dangerous for heart. Sometimes it also spread diseases like e-coli and b-coli.


An Indian cultural export Subodh Kumar writes – ‘The Enemies of civilized behavior think that cows cannot defend themselves. They kill cows, but by their conduct such persons, fire the hearts of right mind men who hound such enemies of civilized behavior to punish them here on earth in this world and the next world.


‘न ब्राह्मणो हिंसितव्यो3ग्निः प्रियतनोरिव ।

सोमो ह्य स्य दायद इन्द्गो अस्याभिशस्तिपाः ॥ अथर्व 5-18-6

They (Cows) should never be killed. They provide with warmth and comfort like fire, provide the highest forms of intellect, and fill the individuals with qualities strength and valor to be victorious in all situations.


शतापाष्ठां नि गिरति तां न शक्नोति निःखिदन्‌ ।

अन्नं यो ब्रह्मणां मल्वः स्वाद्व द्यीति मन्यते ॥ अथर्व 5-18-7

The unfortunate persons, who kill and rejoice in eating their (cow’s) flesh, suffer with innumerable maladies from which they can never recover.


Arun Upadhyay writes – ‘It is rightly stated that cow milk and not meat is good for human beings. Actually, it is for whole world. But only the fanaticism against Hinduism has started killing of cows. Cow milk is used all over the world for infants as substitute for mother’s milk and for persons of all ages. Thus, cow is literally mother for humanity and we cannot show any disrespect to mother. Actually, in Islam itself, highest obligation is called ‘Doodh ka karj’ gratefulness for milk offered by mother ‘


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