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Re: Varna and caste – how misunderstood this is!!!!

In the western system education decides what position you will hold in society and promotion and sacking of workers are totally based on competency of the worker; see how ancients in INDIA applied this is the real world in ancient times;


The above statements are contrary to the Vedic ethos since Vedic Society in general did not stop the progress or self-development of any individual. For ascending the social order complete flexibility has been shown by various scriptures. Mahabharata says “A man cannot be a Brahmin on account of his family. Even a Chandal who exercises restraint and has a good conduct is a Brahmin” (Mahabharata Van Parva 226.14). There are numerous instances of children of non-Brahmana parents becoming Brahmana by virtue of their merit, action, learning and temperament. Swami Dayananda Saraswati in Chapter IV of his magnum opus Satyartha Prakasha says “Jabali of the Chhandogya Upanishad whose birth and lineage were unknown became a Brahmana. Sage Vishwamitra was born in a Kshatriya family but became Brahmarshi. Sage Matunga belonged to a very low Chandala family but became Brahmana and called a Rishi”. Apart from the popular verse 10/65, Manusmriti has dozens of other verses downgrading Brahmans to Shudra, such as, 2/37,2/40, 2/103, 4/245, etc. for neglecting their prescribed duties and upgrading shudras (9/335) in accordance with the merit, action and abilities of a particular varna.


  1. Kavash Ailush, a son of a slave-woman, and Vatsa, a son of a Shudra-woman became Rigvedic Rishis for their having become seers of Mantras (exponents of Vedic hymns).

2.Valmiki who (according to some legends) was lowly-born acquired the fame which goes with the name of Maharishi Valmiki.

3.Slave woman’s son, Vidur, became the Prime Minister of Raja Dhritarashtra and came to be known as Mahatma.

  1. Shri Ram, a son of King Dashratha, and Shri Krishna, born in a Yadav family, came to be regarded as God. They became venerable even for the Brahmans, their birth in a Kshatriya family notwithstanding.

5.On the other hand, Ravana who was born in a clan of Pulastya Rishi came to be called a Rakshasha ‘demon’ for indulging in evil deeds and for his mis-conduct.

  1. Raghu, the ancestor of Rama had a son named Pravridha. He was outcast from the Kshatriya clan due to his misdeeds and misdemeanor and became a demon.
  2. Trishanku, originally a king became a Chandal.
  3. Many of the Vishwamitra’s sons came to be called Shudras.

(Source: 1. Opposition to Manu Why? by Dr. Surendra Kumar, Arsh Sahitya Prachar Trust, Delhi and read on the following

2.Untouchability Alien to Hindu Dharma, by Dr. K.V. Paliwal (pub by Hindu Writers Forum, New Delhi, 2005 Ed.)

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