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FATWA, the means by which the crude and bigoted mullahs, maulvis and imams, get rid of those (often too intelligent and smart in society) whom they don’t like, ought to be banned by Government of Bharat.


The uncivilized practice seriously undermines the authority of the President, the Constitution and the Judiciary of Bharat. There must not be two authorities for a citizen privileged to live in a democracy.


Surely the long awaited new Constitution will ban the practice along with other revolting and disgusting Islamic practices like four wives, FGM. amputation of limbs and stoning to death. They belong to Dark ages of the past when the Koran was written up to regulate every aspect of a Muslim’s life and served as penal code, too.


A civilized modern State must NOT behave like the Islamic State (Daesh or Isil) where beheadings, rape and sale of women, ethnic cleansing of whole communities and the destruction of ancient monuments and temples is “sanctioned by their Rasul Allah”.




PS: Anyone issuing a FATWA in Bharat ought to be prosecuted and sentenced to LONG terms of imprisonment.

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In a message dated 5/15/2016 3:49:22 P.M. GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Below I have cut pasted the message lines, converted to sentence case, and embedded my responses.


“Fatwa, is just an opinion and opinion only. It is not binding on anybody.”

sv: Not so for the Muslims. Any Muslims serious about following Islam can take fatwa order personally as a religions duty for execution. It is an ingenious Islamic method by which any mullah or any Islamic religious authority can declare fatwa against anyone, get any Muslims act on it, and the fatwa issuer cannot be claimed to be the doer of the act under the kafir law system.  It does serve Islam interests mostly with violence.


“Hence having no legal legitimacy in India nor binding on anybody, why should it at all be issued?”

sv: As explained above, the the Islamic religious authorities will issue fatwas and never stop issuing.  What the kafir countries (where mostly Islam has invaded by force) can do is enact a law that makes issuing fatwa a crime severally punishable.


“They only commercialize the passions, polarize the society and galvanize a particular community     the nation / country is only bound to the constitution of India…period. Instead of advising the members to follow the constitution of India, such intemperate authorizations by the religious institutions can only create communal tensions. They should, hence, be banned, in the cause of maintaining peace, law and order.”

sv: Exactly! What is in the best interest of Hindustan and her majority Hindus is to declare Islam illegal.  A short article at below link provides all the rationale why is is necessary to declare Islam illegal.


“Freedom of speech should not be hijacked by such religious and fanatic organizations like darul uloom deoband by issuing fatwas.”


sv: That is Vedic (or civil people’s) view virtue, not Islamic virtue.  We the Vedics have God-given right to unite and act to serve our Vedic interests like declaring Islam illegal and amending the constitution making it pro-Vedic because currently it is anti-Vedic and so anti-majority.


When a Vedic party is ruling in the Vedic land, it is sacred duty of the party to serve the Vedic interests.  All the Vedic, and the world need to know clearly that Vedic dharma and sanskriti are not sectarian. Vedic is universal religion for mankind. It provides complete science for mankind with which anyone can advance spiritually.  The Vedics need to stop any malpractice (such as caste by birth) of dharma.


This humble Vedic preacher will any questions in this matter.


jai sri krishna!



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