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Help expose Islamist Sadiq Khan




The first MUSLIM mayor of London has sent shock waves across the country. On the one hand news of Christian massacres is coming in from Middle East, the Hindus are still crying for the President of Hindusthan to utter just one word to prove his manhood (that word is “PARTITION”), the Jews are remembering Mohammed’s command to kill all the Jews as per Koran and Hadis, and here we have a “Mohammed” in top post in Christian England where our monarch has the title of “Defender of Faith.”


NB: Secularism is only effective where everyone is at the same level of religious fervor, or lack of it.  It FAILS in lands where e.g. Hindu ice meets with Muslim fire, or where the teaching of “offer the other cheek” contrasts sharply with “KILL the infidel!”


Someone from far off Canada wrote, rather graphic but accurate, “Britain has her head in SAND and while doing so, raises the posterior to be kicked by Islam.”


From nearby Poland wrote a shocked friend, “There will NEVER be a Muslim mayor of Warsaw!”


The Sikh, recalling the fate of Sri Nankana Sahib (that is surrendered unconditionally to Islam by the anti-Hindu traitor Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1947), shouts at all the Muslims in Pakistan, “How would YOU feel if your Mecca was occupied by the Sikhs in the same way?”


Brave challenge, but then Sikhs are known for courage and daring. Even Sadiq Khan does not feel the DISGUST of the Sikhs in London over the brutality and terrorism of his ISLAM and PAKISTAN where close to 100,000 Hindu girls and women, forcibly abducted in 1947, are in their 80’s now and still cursing Khan’s Islam and Pakistan!


Someone has called Islam a highly adjustable slippery thing that can metamorphose from a jelly fish to a piece of granite within seconds. See them behaving like beasts and savages where in majority, but loving secularism and swearing by love of mankind where in a minority.


Mohammed Ali Jinnah was secular and loved the Hindus when he was President of All-India Congress Party (Yes, All-India CONGRESS Party!) when the British were firmly entrenched in India, and yet he turned around 360 degrees to demand a separate sovereign Islamic Pakistan when he saw them (the Brithsi) preparing to leave India.  Most Hindus can still recall the 1947 year’s massacres and rapes that were unleashed upon them in Sindh, West Punjab, and East Bengal to lay the foundation of his Land of “Rasul Lullah”.


Kafir people have compared Islam (communities) to an ordinary normal nation in which 99% people are (behave) civilians, going about their business peacefully, working in farms & fields, in shops, hospitals, factories and schools while 1.0 per cent are members of the armed forces who wear uniform, carry weapons – armed and trained to kill.


When those 1.0 % population in uniform make a kill, capture a land or defend their own country, THE BENEFIT GOES TO ALL the 99% who did not even kill a rabbit- even if some in this lot turn “Gandhian” and call the soldiers “men of evil.” All the civilians do not have to kill, rape and plunder, and yet they pray and hope for the success of those 1.0 % (armed forces) who kill. The same is true of ISLAM communities.


When interviewed by journalists on Radio and TV, the Muslim spokespersons swear that “Islam is a religion of peace.” Then WHO is doing all that beheading of the hostages, crashing planes into buildings, abducting thousands of innocent girls and women to be raped and sold off? THEY ARE THE SOLDIERS OF ISLAM while the rest, who live in Christian (Hindu and Buddhist) lands, can go about their lives in peace, fooling the kafir people by claiming that Islam is a religion of peace!


Sadiq Khan is the sweet & harmless VANGARD of the POISON called Global Islam. Like a traffic controller he will use both his hands, one to gesture MOVE ON, the other to gesture STOP. He will determine what to PROMOTE and what to THWART. His choice of Southwark Cathedral to deliver the inaugural address was deceptive – typical of Islam. His first sentence was ominous. He said, “My name is Sadiq Khan, and I am the Mayor of London!” Is that is called “making a statement,” or throwing the gauntlet!?


London has now given the key to its cultural and social treasures to the robber. See what “his kind” (FELLOW MUSLIMS) did to Buddha statues in Afghanistan and the ancient ruins at Palmyra in Syria!


The image of Christianity and Great Britain has sunk. He is from the terrorist State of Pakistan, and most Hindus hang their heads in shame on realizing that ‘men of peace,’ while confronting their IDEOLOGICAL enemies, only bring death & disaster like MK Gandhi who is rightly called the “Father of Pakistan, now the land of birth & conditioning of Sadiq Khan.”



7 May 16.


PS:  BritainFirst is both BOLD and PATRIOTIC and deserves our salute. Only the braves ensure the safety of people at large while the appeasers perish eventually with their land and folk.


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Subj: Help Expose Islamist Sadiq Khan


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Dear Citizen,

The election of Islamist Sadiq Khan as mayor of London has been celebrated in Pakistan, Sadiq’s country of origin.

News of Khan’s win in the British capital featured on the front pages of all major Pakistani newspapers, while also causing a stir on social media.

It has become blatantly obvious with the election of Labour’s Islamist mayor, that there is an increasingly shrinking number of Britons left in the capital and far too many Muslims.

Britons make up less than 45% of the capital and at least half of those who remain will be the “trendy” leftwing chattering class types, the gormless liberals and bigoted white socialists in areas such as Camden, Islington etc.

The fight against Labour’s Islamist mayor must go on.

Below are some new memes to share on Facebook and Twitter to help expose this vile person.

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Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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