From: Dr Jagan Kaul < >

Subject: Show Maturity on Sikh Issue.


In response to a letter written by One of the netzen’s shri rajput’s Response is extremely compelling. Accordingly, I am recirculating it for your serious consideration and Possible action. This truthful description is particularly Important for Hindus, Sikhs and The exiles communities of kashmir.


Best wishes



[Comment by I have studies Sikhsim to some extent, and I can provide source of most of the teachings of Sikhism in the Vedic Scriptures like Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita.  I firmly believe that Sikhism is an offshoot panth from the Vedic dharma and so in in harmony with the Vedic dharma.  Its philosophy is advaiti vada, God is considered most merciful and Supreme and formless; it does not teach varNa dharma, but from a Vedic view the Sikhs are mainly vaishyas and also Kshatriyas. – Suresh Vyas]

Chandar Kohli ji


What you have written below is 100% correct. And I am glad you wrote this since we can improve ONLY if we know our weaknesses.


You might also have said that the political collapse of Hindus as a nation is NOT insignificant or harmless. It is both grave and life threatening. Those who are still complacent, forget that Hindus have been EXTERMINATED in Sindh, Balochistan, West Punjab, NWFP, North Kashmir and even East Bengal- and Sylhet (a district that was snatched from Assam).


We also need to show maturity on the Sikh issue.  Hindus may not depend on the Sikhs for their survival but the reverse is not the case. The Sikhs, less than Christians in number and a very small minority, indeed, in Bharat, are totally dependent on a STRONG, MATURE, WISE & PATRIOTIC Hindu nation for their own survival in unstable Hindusthan that is coming more and more under pressure & threat by Isil. It ought to be understood by all that Hindu ignorance, disunity and weakness directly expose the Sikhs to collective DEATH (as in West Punjab).


In 1947 India’s fate was decided without any Hindu having a say in her destiny. As a result India was mutilated and the Hindus were crushed.


In 1984 the Sikhs suffered badly at the hands of their own government when the overall command and control went over to “ISLAM & ITALY” (Maimoona Begum and Sonia Maino Gandhi) and Hindu scholars and stalwarts were mute. Sikhs will again suffer hugely at the hands of the NON-Hindu “Gandhian Sarkar” if the HINDU protective umbrella overhead is shattered. What a pity that the Hindu majority cannot comprehend their responsibilities towards our “DHARTI & DHARMA” but due to FEAR & INFERIORITY COMPLEX ask the FOREIGNERS & PAKISTANIS (Italians and the Muslims) to not only SHARE power but even enjoy the right to veto over everything the Hindus wish to do, for example, construction of Temple in Ayodhya, removal of Article 370 from the Constitution, and the safety of Hindus in Srinagar!


Terrorist infested Kashmir is the most conspicuous proof of national COLLAPSE. We should not appear to be a nation of “sheep and goats” to the fundamentalist Muslims in Srinagar!


Marshal Stalin moved all the TARTARS and TURKS from Crimea to elsewhere in order to ensure peace there and more recently the CHINESE moved all the Hun CHINESE to Tibet to alter the demography. Now look at WEAK and COWARDLY Bharat that CANNOT replace even ONE Muslim in the Valley by a Hindu or Sikh family. It is in the power of that Lok Sabha of “EUNUCHS” not only to repeal Article 370 but to move the Muslims OUT and a hundred thousand Hindu Sikh families IN. As a result Kashmir CAN rival SWITZERLAND with regard to safe and LUCRATIVE tourist industry.


India’s bad luck is our people’s nebulous view of the distinct communal forces that are united and sharply arraigned against the Hindus. There can be nothing more stupid or idiotic to call the Muslims, who occupy North Kashmir (and are to the Hindus in Srinagar what a wolf is to a flock of sheep), “brothers”!


Of course, they will be “brothers” when they dissolve their Islamic Pakistan and agree to live with us in SECULAR India.


One is amazed that Hindus being so intelligent individually, have FAILED collectively to learn from their mistakes. Given so many mistakes the Hindus FAILED to defend Akhand Bharat and FAILED to ensure transfer of population, FAILED to make Sri Raam Temple, FAILED to stay put in Srinagar instead of running away from there, FAILED to eliminate the FOREIGN FIRANGI “bitches” from key positions in politics and even FAILED to make sure that the Constitution is written by a HINDU constitutional expert.


So, we ask this question to all the Hindus: Do you think that the Hindus who did not feel the DISGUST of slavery for 800 years, did not challenge the Muslim MINORITY to behave in 1947, could not prevent the MASSACRES of Hindus in East Bengal and West Punjab and who could not smash NEHRU’S democracy in which his chair went to his daughter and even grandson, will survive for long now?


What are the IMPLICATIONS for the Hindu safety and survival in Bharat if the Hindus are again overwhelmed due to all these failures and mistakes? What will happen to the SIKHS who are just over 1% and depend for their own survival on a strong HINDU NATION?



27 Dec 15

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