From: Anand < >

Subject: Refugees from Islamic Nation


Halfhearted efforts will be suicidal. After giving immediate relief, all Muslim refugees must be asked to sign a declaration before they can be granted asylum. They give up Islam completely and any violation will be punishable by 20 years in hard labor prison.


People are same all over but Islam started in 7th century circumstances and should either be modified or deleted for the survival of humanity. They teach people to hate and kill non-Muslims, be totally deceptive and lie as necessary, they steal other peoples’ women through polygamy and never respect or assimilate with anyone. It is impossible to have peace with the present state of Islam except peace of the grave.


Christians, on the face of it, look polite and kind, but are similarly intolerant and very subtle. They capture your brain and make you their total fear-slaves by teaching things like:

  • if you believe in any one else except Christ
  • you are following Satan and will go to hell
  • we are all born sinners and the only way out is through Christ etc.

It is sad that these two very intolerant religions have most of the world between them. With one billion people believing in entity X or else and 1 billion people believing in entity Y or else, our beloved, small, Mother earth is doomed.

(Yes doomed, except if the Hindus pit one against the other. Why, because each of the two is a serious threat to the other. Both want to convert the whole world. Hindus, in contrast, do not go out to convert any one against one’s will. So, Hindu are no threat to any religion. – Skanda987)

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