Contempt per India Army


From: Aditya Jain < >

Date: 4 September 2015 at 01:24

Subject: What Is ‘CONTEMPT’ ?


An Army man holds ‘in contempt’ all those who do not perform their duties and indulge in anti-national activities like bribery, sleaze, fakeism and use of the State machinery for their personal purposes.

Every citizen of the country MUST do that, only then some sense of morality and righteousness will come in being.

By calling his PRIDE in doing his duty as ‘Arrogance’ is sad indeed.


Maj Gen Jaini, AVSM (Retd)

What is ‘Contempt’?



Few days back some one made a comment that Army men hold civilians in ‘contempt’…


Here is a piece of reasoned rebuttal for the above and trust all will agree with the logic behind these facts and figures.


Everyone is a civilian before he joins the Army and is destined to become one again once he hangs his uniform…..but in between he goes under a metamorphosis which tunes him to act and behave differently….he undergoes a tough training regimen and acquires a unshakable belief in his own and his organizations capability……Some call it attitude, even arrogance but we call it Pride and it should not be mistaken for contempt……


Now let us examine what contempt is.


– Contempt is when due to a third rate Defense Minister who interfered so much with the Army that it had to suffer 62 humiliation.


– Contempt is that immediately after a resounding victory of 71…Forces were rewarded with a cut of 20% in pensions.


– Contempt is that widows, disabled soldiers and veterans have to go into prolonged litigation to get their dues.


– Contempt is when 90 year old soldier has to sit on dharna to get OROP….his wait of 40 years is still some more way to go.


– Contempt is when a Kargil Martyr father is asked to pay bribes to get the petrol pump promised to him.


– Contempt is when we don’t have a war memorial to pay our respects to our fallen.


– Contempt is when we send our soldiers to war with critical deficiencies.


– Contempt is when CAG points out that we have only 20 days worth of ammunition.


– Contempt is when we are told that we have lavish life style when people don’t have first idea of what we go through on the borders.


List is endless….but the forces carry on regardless because the covenant of loyalty and sacrifice binds us to our flag…


Of late civilians and Politicians alike have made pretty shallow comments about Armed Forces……


To slight a soldier is easy….but to protect the country is difficult …. hope they have a size good enough to fill his shoes….


For I suspect that the day is not far when he will say…..                                        

Enough, now no more.

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