From: Satya D < >

Dear Narendra Modi ji,

We are facing a situation in Hindustan where thousands of girls are being simply picked up and thrown into sexual slavery across West Bengal, Hyderabad and many other areas in Muslim dominated areas.

The tragic case of Tutukti is a case in point, that is the fate of so many girls estimated at 100 girls per day across 32,000 villages of West Bengal, and just recently 10 girls were kidnapped from Hyderabad and sold into sexual slavery.

The world has become increasingly aware and taking actions to contain Islam.  We cannot continue our country with business as usual when there are serious demographic changes occurring with little population control among Muslims who are increasingly radicalized in Madrassas, Mosques and Islamic universities and posing a dangerous threat to non-Muslim civilizations.

What is Hindustan’s plan to contain the Islam, when all over the world actions are being taken including Islamic own countries?

Is there a plan to stop Saudi funding, to stop Madrassa education, to close down the Mosques preaching violence?

And (when we will begin) speaking against population control, which even Egypt is doing?  (When Hindustan will bring in laws to tackle vote bank politics that is causing daily riots and kidnapping girls and throwing them into sexual slavery?

When Hindustan will enact uniform civil code,  teach true history of partition and Islamic threat, and to close down the media houses which are blatantly partisan and creating a dangerous situation of partition of Hindustan?

What are we afraid of when so many countries are boldly moving forward to bring in changes?   If Egypt can close down 27,000 Mosques for radical teachings, can we not learn something from it?

This is about survival of Hindustan as a nation and another possible brutal partition of it.  We cannot commit civilization suicide with half gap measures and fearing the opinion of biased Hindustan media.  No amount of development will save us from this if we do not address these issues today.   If we need to change constitution (and yes, we need to), or create conditions to change via Emergency we have to move forward.

Please see heartbreaking video on West Bengal girls kidnapped and thrown into sexual slavery

Here are few examples, from UK, Austria, China, Egypt, Angola, Cuba, Netherlands, Australia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Ireland, Burma and all over the world, when are we going to learn.

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