From:  Dr. K. R. Venkataramaiah

The present Conditions in India

The real culprits responsible for Partition of Bharat have yet to be exposed.  Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad’s book – India Wins Freedom– from Orient Longman Book-Institute, partly exposes some Congress politicians including Muhammad Ali Jinnah of Muslim League, responsible for this heinous act . The boundaries drawn between partitioned land was done in a hurry and must redrawn to allow India not to be in a strategically weak position.

Maulana Azad’ s  book published in India but printed in Pakistan after Nehru’s passing away, describes the role played by Nehru ji, which resulted in Partition of India.

Hope, the current BJP Govt. will make sufficient efforts to bring out the actual facts for partitioning India.

Most unacceptable conditions in India now are due to exploded population and still escalating population.  Traffic jams in Cities, particularly Bangalore, in Tier II and III towns are making roads, foot paths as parking lots.  Foot paths, are worst in the world, not even as comparable as to those in South Africa.

Accumulating garbage, men pissing on road sides, people spitting any where & everywhere are causing health problems.

Abuse and misuse of power by the elected fellows, VIPs and VVIPs have made the common men as third rate citizens.  Elected fellows are interfering with the work of Executive body officers –I.A.S. & I.P.S. …-is root cause of corruption reaching untold levels.  Canada has similar Parliamentary System.  I never seen or heard the elected representatives interfering with the officers of the state.  Mayor David Millar of the City of Toronto used ride in the same subway car with me.   No security staff around him.

The elected fellows in India have and are amassing wealth beyond their accountable earnings.  Even BJP Govt. has kept quiet on this subject.

BJP has not said a word on population explosion, why ?  The natural resources are very limited.  You do not need to be an expert to assess the up-coming dangers.

50 % of children in Delhi have lung disease.   36 % of children in Bangalore.  Lakes in Bangalore are producing FIRE and TOXIC FOAM.  Never heard such environmental disasters.  Since 1947, why no sewage treatment plants are not built?  Where has the revenue collected from taxpayers has gone?

BJP talks about SMART CITIES- first they should make these cities livable.  It is so risky for senior citizens, children and pregnant women to go out to perform their daily chores.   Two-wheelers are all around you, even driven by children.  No traffic laws are followed.  They have not heard “ Rules of the Road “.  No stopping at the intersection of streets, no signs, no speed limits.  No LAW& ORDER.  Total chaos.  But no problem for VIPs, & VVIPs.  They have chauffeur driven cars at tax payers cost.

The Bangalore Corporation employees hardly put in reasonable hours of work,  and are destroying Bangalore by issuing hundreds of thousands of fake certificates allowing construction of buildings violating their own Zoning by-laws.  People are flooding in to Bangalore from all over India & abroad.  Crime rate has gone through the roof including by Nigerian Nationals over staying.

Of course, Bangladeshis and Muslims are getting special treatment because of “ VOTE BANK” policies.  Hospitals are overcrowded by Muslim Women & children.  If actual statistics are published, it will be seen that muslims participate in more crimes disproportionate to their total numbers.

How, by any means, 10 to 180 million Muslims –almost 6 times that of Canada, could be called MINORIES?  It is absurd.

How come almost 30 million Christians could called minorities.  Both these communities are well organized and well represented at all levels of Govt.

The Constitution must be reviewed and modified to control population, number of vehicles that people can own, number of wives men can have, making provision for interlinking rivers, letting Rajya Sabha members be directly elected by people, abolishing State Legislative Councils, allowing Chief Justices of State High Courts to also perform duties of Governors, disbanding Reservation system, limiting two terms for elected fellows, CMs, PM, permitting a specified strength of Armed Forces and Police personal, limiting the geographical size of States and so on.

Let us pray GOD to save BHARAT.

(Just praying will not help. God is not our servant.  The Hindus need to make Bharat a Vedic State by united grass root action. – Skanda987)

Thank you.


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