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Subject: Raising Children to be Soldiers of Allah

Islamophobia is sweeping the world. It is keeping it’s the momentum.

Therefore, O Freedom Lovers, please help annihilate Islamic / jihadi terrorists.  Demolish “madrasas” (Muslim educational schools which teach young Muslims to hate other religions & love only Islam!!!

(The kafir democracies of the world can and need to amend their construction declaring Islam illegal. Any other way is not likely to work. – Skanda987)

For God’s sake, let everybody realize the grave implications of Islamists being given the freedom.

Islam is a religion of hate ideology…it is not repeat not a religion of peace…do not be misguided on this by Muslims…their religious book==Quran==encourages jihadi terrorism and wants the infidels ( non-Muslims ) to be harshly treated with iron rods unless they agree to become Muslims and  killed …can you beat it???  Yes, the Qur’anic verses say so…how then are the non-Muslims getting fooled and getting converted to Islam?? Its damn shame…Islamic suicide terrorists are lured to explode bombs with an assurance to be given a place in heaven with virgin girls and boys too to ostomies… if the god is only meant for Muslims and he will be partial to Muslims only. .. What a non-sense is being preached by Muslim clerics!!!

MADRASAS, the Muslim educational school where Muslim children are brain washed and radicalized, must be banned and the fanatic Muslims who try to galvanize Muslims or attempt to convert persons to ISLAM must be severely dealt with.  There cannot be an easy treatment for such Jihadi Islamic terrorists…Let there be no mistake. Strike them down with all the force at one’s command or else it would be too late. ISLAMOPHOBIA is sweeping the whole world. Strike it down with vengeance or else it would be disastrous if Mushrooming of MADRASAS OR EFFORTS TO RADICALISE THE MUSLIMS IS NOT CHECKED.  Do not allow construction of Mosques because these are yet another center points for Islamic Terrorists.  BEWARE, BEWARE, & BEWARE BEFORE YOU ARE BETRAYED.

To a Muslim, his religion is more sacred than the patriotism / nationalism to the country of his residence/ nationality. For a Muslim, his sole aim is to ISLAMISE THE NON-ISLAMIC COUNTRY. And introduce SHARIAAT, Islamic laws!!! How terrible!!! ..To do so, they (Muslims) will try to change the demography by increasing the Muslim population by marrying 4 wives and producing more kids. It is time that Non-Muslims stop their liberal attitude towards Muslims for such a lenience  is propelling Muslim Clerics to proselytization, conversion of Non-Muslims to Islam, construction of Mosques which provide shelter to Islamic Terrorists and start “Madrasas”, the Muslim educational schools where young Muslims are radicalized. Visit these schools. Take a look at what is being taught in these schools and it would be clear. It is time that strict control is exercised and stop efforts to Islamize the countries with Sharia laws introduced…There cannot be multiple laws in the country. THERE NEEDS TO BE ONLY ONE LAW FOR THE WHOLE COUNTRY, PASSED BY THE PARLIAMEN. If these do not suit the Muslims then they should leave the country and find another country where they would be more at ease with Sharia Laws…

Dr. Narayan Bhide, A.N.Abhyankar, Ganpat Deshpande,  S.F.Seetharaman, V.R.Krishnan, R.Jayant Sen, Ashok SenGupta, M.Ghosh, R.E.L.Reddy,  Shyam Jeswani,  S.K.Thomas, Joseph Chandy,   K.L.Mirchandani, Indru  Lalwani,  M.L.Malkani,   G.Mahapatra, V.H.Purnik,V.K.Gopalakrishnan, C.K.Sivaraman, J.R.Menon,  Madhukar Bhole, E. Ram Mohan Rao.  S.R.Rao, G.K.Choudhary, E.S.D.Raju,   S.Narasimhachari, Gopal Pandurangam, R.S.Rao, S.R.Venkatweshwarlu, K.Vijaya Laxmi, Shanti Narayanan, Sumitra Nimbalkar, Sarojini Ranga Rao, Rohini Pandit and others.

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