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Subject: Fauj ke woh acchhe din kahaan gaye? 

फ़ौज के वोह् अच्छे दिन कहां गये ?

Some Instances of Kairon’s time and Army actions then

(As sent  by a very senior navy veteran)

Incident 1:

A major’s wife and her sister went to see a movie. As the movie started, two goons came and sat next to them and started misbehaving. They left in disgust and told the major about it. He met the station commander. It was decided that they’ll go and watch the same movie the next day. About five or ten minutes after the movie started, the movie was stopped and the lights came on. The major, accompanied by jawans, came in and picked up the two goons. One of them was the cinema owner and the son of CM — Partap Singh Kairon. He was a very well-known goonda. Outside the hall, these two were bashed up, put in the military ambulance and taken to MH. Panic calls were made to the CM. He rushed from Chandigarh to Amritsar. He, fully escorted by police and press etc., went to see his son in the MH. At the entrance to the cantonment, the caravan was stopped by the sentries who were told that the CM wanted to go to the MH to see his son. The sentries replied that they had orders that ‘this person’ was not to enter the cantonment. The CM had to eat a humble pie and make a statement to the press that what his son did was very wrong and he fully deserved what he received. When this news came out, everyone in the Punjab was very happy. 

Incident 2:

There is another story worth repeating.

The bridge on river Satluj near Phillaur was a narrow one and for big vehicles it was a one way bridge. A military convoy was cleared to enter the bridge from Ladhowal side. When they were nearly half way through, they found a caravan of official cars coming from the other side (from Phillaur ). Both sides met and stopped. A police officer came over and told the convoy commander that the CM (same fellow Kairon) was in a hurry and the convoy had to move back. He was told that it was very difficult for the trucks to reverse all the way. Also, they were cleared first and the cars should not have entered the bridge. The police wala said in a very cocky manner that either they cleared the way or he would arrest the convoy commander. The convoy commander called out his troops and brought them to ‘stand to’. He told the police wala that if the convoy did not move out forthwith he would shoot the whole bloody lot. Needless to say, they obeyed at full speed. I think I was living at Phillaur when the first incident took place. My father was a police officer posted at PTS Phillaur. Fauj ke woh acchhe din kahaan gaye ??


(Under Modi ji, thing will (should) change for better, and change soon. – Skanda987)



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