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Why BJP or the PM seek approval of Muslims in Hindustan?


Neither our daughters nor the cows, nor even our “dharti” are safe if we are seeking the approval of Muslims first!


Please look at the laws in ALL Islamic republics including the two on either side of Bharat.


Saudi Arabia, the size of Kerala State, openly offends the one BILLION Hindus by banning the entry of Gita and Granth in one’s personal luggage. Nor do they allow a tiny “mandir”, church or synagogue in their country, or the sale of pork!


All laws there are in accordance with their ‘holy’ KORAN and in harmony with the aspirations of the MAJORITY community. As in South Kashmir (Article 370 of Nehru’s Constitution), NO Indian can buy even a tiny house in Saudi Arabia!


It is only in our Bharat where the sentiments, feelings and culture of the MAJORITY community can be so easily brushed aside, even trampled under the foot, due to the “consuming disease” called “MUSLIM APPEASEMENT” to the extent of unconditional surrender of one third of (Akhand) Bharat in 1947. We also gave a pledge in cast iron, never to question that bogus FRAUDULANT “Partition” and never to commemorate the two million DEAD Hindus of that year!


Now the Lok Sabha with MAJORITY of Hindu MP’s, is “trembling in fear” whether to ban cow slaughter across Bharat (that is the “Hindu” fragment of Akhand Bharat)..


It is time now to ASSERT the “HINDU WAY OF LIFE” (which is tolerance and compassion for all living beings). Cow is the NATIONAL symbol of Bharat associated with our ancient traditions that were prevalent thousands of years BEFORE Mohammed was born in Arabia.


Appeasement is the first step towards “accommodation”, i.e., tolerating the INTOLERANT, that leads to surrender. Now let us be serious about our survival!


After the cows it is the temple in AYODYA. Seeing the ruins there our Maimoona Begum, a convert to Islam, felt encouraged to “go” for AMRITSAR in 1984. The political “Witch” would not have dared had the Grand Temple in Ayodhya been up and functioning!


The lesson is: “There should be NO chink in Hindu ARMOUR. And NEVER again will we accept a Prime Minister as well as the Supreme Commander of Hindusthan who is neither a Hindu nor for Akhand Bharat.”


Mr. Modi’s government ought to be seen as virile and manly. They are expected to do four things immediately;


  1. Ban cow slaughter. (Defense and protection of Cows).


  1. Ban conversion of Hindu girls (“devis”) on marrying a Muslim. It also amounts to their “slaughter”! The groom should embrace the religion of his bride. (Defense of Bharat’s Daughters).


  1. Construction of Grand historic Temple in Ayodhya; (National pride and honor); and


  1. Repeal of Article 370 that bestows special powers only to the J & K State as if the others were “niggers”! (One law for all).




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