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By Kristina Fried

In order to curb the diabolical activities of radical Islamists  who have brutally and mercilessly  murdered hundreds of  innocent Chinese in the name of Allah, Chinese Government  made  imams to dance and swear on oath that they would not teach religion [Islam]  to children …..  Teachers in the district were forced to take a similar oath, also swearing to teach their students to stay away from mosques.

(The Muslims in kafir countries need also to be forced to not force Islam on their children and their women. -Skanda987)

 Hundreds of Indian Muslims have been radicalized by social media and recruited by IS (Islamic State).  However, it is a matter of great regret and concern  that so far Government of India has not yet formulated a clear cut and solid strategy to nip in bud the traitorous  designs  of  Jihadists  whose sole aim is to destabilize, balkanize and consequently Islamize India. 


Narain Kataria

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