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 The Hindus Must Abandoned Gandhism

 Attack 0n Hinduism & Growing Radicalization of Muslims

Hindus are a punching back. Anybody can smash Hindus, Hinduism, etc.  Why?  Hindus are by nature peaceful. This goodness is taken advantage of by the minorities to bully Hindus, Hinduism, and Modi, BJP RSS VHP and our Hindu traditions and Values etc.

If Hindus fail to defend India the 2nd partition is not far off and the media is helping towards this end especially NDTV, IBN TV18.


From: Dr. M C. Gupta – < >

Saturday, February 14, 2015


I am 73. I retired as a professor of medicine in 2001 and then joined the bar and have been practicing law since then. I live in Delhi. I had seen Mahatma Gandhi once during his prayer meetings.


I have been a great Gandhi follower. Gandhi was a follower of Gita. A true follower of Gita would have remembered that Krishna did not teach non-violence to Arjun. It is OK to be violent when duty demands it. Gandhi would have known that Krishna even asked Arjun to slay Karn when the latter’s chariot got stuck in mud / some obstacle. Killing a soldier when he was incapacitated was adharma. Yet Krishna asked Arjun to attack Karn. So much for Gandhi’s following the Gita.


Vinoba was a follower of Gandhi. He was a great scholar of Sanskrit and wrote treatises on Gita. It would be of interest to know his views about Gandhi. I have not come across the same.


I am tempted to give below a long quote about the Moplah massacre of Hindus and Gandhi’s turning a blind eye to it–


“Gandhi, The Moulana Of Muslim Appeasement

By: V Sundaram, IAS, Retd.

January 20, 2007


It is a well-known fact of history that although personally Mahatma Gandhi was a devout Hindu, yet he turned more and more anti-Hindu after 1920 as his public life progressed. The driving passion of his political life was to throw the British out of India. In order to achieve this objective, he was obsessed in his conviction that Hindu – Muslim unity was absolutely necessary and indispensable. There can be two views or more on whether he was right or justified in holding these convictions. However, the irrefutable fact is that again and again he demonstrated his combat readiness to sacrifice or sell out vital Hindu interests, Hindu honor and Hindu blood all the time in deference to the feelings of minorities in general and Muslims in particular. To quote the appropriate words of Prafull Goradia in this context: “For Mahatma Gandhi, no price was too great for appeasing Muslims, so that they did not oppose Hindus. That he did not understand the Muslims was proved by the conduct of the Muslim League and by the vivisection of the country.”


After the Mutiny of 1857, the incidence of Hindu-Muslim riots in India had come down sharply. By lending support to the Khilafat Movement of Ali Brothers in 1920, Mahatma Gandhi inaugurated a new era of a fresh wave of Hindu-Muslim riots. Mahatma Gandhi was a confused man. How could his Satyagraha which was to be effective for attaining our Swaraj could be equally effective for saving the Caliph on his Turkish throne. Gandhi did not understand that restoration of the Caliph would only result in making him again a shining symbol of Pan-Islamism or the Supra-nationalism of Islam as a world religion with its people forming the Ummah. This inherent impending danger was clearly foreseen by Sir Sankaran Nair, a Member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council in 1922. In his book prophetically titled as “Gandhi and Anarchy” published by Tagore and Company, Madras in 1922 he wrote: “It is impossible to believe that Gandhi and his adherents are not aware that this claim of the Mahomedans to be judged only by the Law of the Koran, is a claim which is the fons et origo of all Khilafat claims of whatever kind. It is well to be clear about this, for not only does the acceptance of the claim mean the death knell of the British Empire or Indo-British Commonwealth, whatever name we may care to give to the great fraternity of nations to which we belong, but specifically as regards India it means a real denial of swaraj. For it involves Mahomedan rule and Hindu subjection.”


Thus Sir Sankaran Nair clearly saw the danger signal when Mahatma Gandhi was leading the Muslims of India to convert the Hindus into permanent Serfs. Dr. Manmohan Singh’s recent declaration on Muslim hegemony is only a logical culmination of the process initiated by Mahatma Gandhi and clearly foreseen by Sir Sankaran Nair in 1922.


During the Moplah rebellion in Kerala in 1921, thousands of Hindu men, women and children were killed by the Muslims. Hundreds of women were raped. And yet Gandhi supported the Moplahs and not the Hindu victims of Moplah violence and oppression. In fact Gandhi had no sympathy for the Hindus. Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his “Young India”, “It is wrong to say that Islam has employed force. No religion in this world has spread through the use of force. No Musalman, to my knowledge, has ever approved of compulsion.” Does this not show that Gandhi practiced political deception? According to Gandhi, the Moplah Muslims were guilty of no crime.


But the politically spurious and culturally disastrous view of Mahatma Gandhi on the Moplah rebellion was not shared by Lord Reading, the then Viceroy of India and Sir Sankaran Nair, a member of his Council. Sir Sankaran Nair wrote: “For sheer brutality on women, I do not remember anything in history to match the Malabar rebellion. It broke out on 20 August, 1921. Even by the 6 September, the results were dreadful. There was complete breakdown of Civil Government resulting in widespread disorder, in political chaos, in anarchy and in ruin.


” Let us contrast this with Mahatma Gandhi’s conclusion:


“The Moplahs are among the bravest in the land. They are god-fearing.” How did Gandhi overlook the brutal fact that Moplah Muslims were men-slaughtering, children-strangling and women-raping? I am asking this question in the light of the speech of Lord Reading, viceroy of India, on 20th of August 1921: “A few Europeans and many Hindus have been murdered, communications have been obstructed. Hindu temples sacked, houses of Europeans and Hindus burnt. According to reports Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam… The result has been the temporary collapse of the Civil Government and offices and courts have ceased to function and ordinary business has been brought to a standstill. European and Hindu refugees of all classes are concentrated at Calicut and it is satisfactory to note that they are safe there. One trembles to think of the consequences if the forces of order had not prevailed for the protection of Calicut. Those who are responsible for causing this grave outbreak of violence and crime must be brought to justice and made to suffer the punishment of the guilty.”


Gandhi was a lawyer. He was capable of drawing objective conclusions. No sane mind could have refused to see the brutality of Moplahs. Gandhi had said at that time–A true Hindu should not mind dying at the hands of a Muslim brother. This is not what a lawyer or layman should say.

As regards Godse, the government may not think it prudent to take drastic steps. But the minimum it should do is as follows:


1–It should remove the ban on “Nine hours to Ram” and the film made on this book.


2–It should allow people to write in praise of Godse and to make memorials to him. After all, these are part of free speech.


I end my note by exhorting all to read Godse’s speech in the court in his defense. It is attached herewith.


–M C Gupta,   15-2-2015



From: Narayanaswamy Subramanian < >

Sunday, February 08, 2015

An excellent collation of genuine sentiments, information, detailed data about National Supreme Patriot Nathuram Vinayak Godse and his opposite — National Traitor Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who was expelled from his Baniya caste and became a true pariah.

           In New Delhi the existing monuments to Gandhi and to his apostate-atheist disciple Jawarhar Lal Nehru should be destroyed.  They should be replaced by towering monuments to Nathuram Godse and Naranjan Apte, plus to Maharana Pratap, Chhatrapathi Shivaji, Vinayak D Sarvakar, Bhagat Singh and Subhas Chandra Bose. 

          This should happen in every State capital in India, and where Indians have settled abroad in substantial numbers, for example London (United Kingdom), Perth (Australia), San Francisco, New York, Austin (Texas) (United States of America), Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg (South Africa), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Singapore.

S Narayanaswamy Iyer



From: Ganji Shobhan < >

Monday, February 09, 2015

Gandhi is a rascal. Nobody with right mind will praise Gandhi.  One who has some basic common sense will throw this fraudster saint out of the home. One must carefully read this paragraph to understand the Pyscho Gandhi. It is time we call a spade a spade. There is no need to protect this Pyscho Gandhi.

Those were terrible days. Hindu and Sikh refugees from Pakistan were struggling to keep body and soul together. Many of them had lost their loved ones in the partition riots — women were raped in front of their husbands and children; young girls were abducted; men were disemboweled; trains arrived laden with dead bodies; people fleeing marauders were set upon with ferocious brutality. Madanlal Pahwa, a young refugee, Malgonkar writes, “reached a place called Fazilka, in Indian territory, and discovered that another refugee column in which his father and other relatives had set out, had fared much worse. They had been attacked by Muslim mobs: ‘Only 40 or 50 had survived out of 400 or 500…’.” Delhi was flooded by nearly one million refugees, all of them desperately looking for food and shelter. They were distraught and traumatized, unable to figure out why their lives had been turned upside down in so gruesome a manner. Nor could they understand the rationale behind protecting Delhi’s Muslims. What left them aghast was Gandhi’s insistence that Hindu and Sikh refugees should be sent back to Pakistan and Muslims who had left India be brought back. It didn’t make sense. Nor did the vicious blood-letting that followed. Meanwhile, Pakistan had launched its mission to smash and grab Jammu & Kashmir and was demanding that India hand over Rs. 55 crore, its share of the cash reserve inherited from the departing British colonial Government.



Posted by: “J. G. Arora” < > Sunday, February 01, 2015


  1. The killing of colonels and policemen like Colonel Munindra  Nath Rai and Policeman Sanjeevan Singh by pro-Pakistan elements  in Jammu & Kashmir from time to time are disgraceful tragedies for the nation Such tragedies are very frequent, and are happening due to Gandhian policies followed by successive Indian governments including the present BJP-led government.


  1. Since Gandhi-ism means appeasement, self-negation, unconditional surrender and pathway to slavery, such tragedies will continue to happen so long as Mahatma Gandhi remains the role model of the nation. For its very survival as a nation, India must be liberated from Gandhi-ism. Moreover, India must have warriors like Maharana Pratap and Chhatrapati Shivaji as its role-models instead of Mahatma Gandhi who brought India’s worst defeat in history while conceding Muslim League’s demand for the creation of Pakistan for Muslims whereby Bharat lost vital parts of its territory.


Gandhi was publicly doing untouchability, temple entry, khadi and clean toilets and as gullible Hindus came to the streets trotting faithfully behind Gandhi thinking he was leading them to freedom thru clean toilets, khadi and temple entry, Gandhi was undermining Tilak, decimating Ambedkar, evicting Subhash Bose, silencing KM Munshi, Patel and Rajaji, inking deals with Lord Irwin, negotiating with the Cabinet Mission and hobnobbing with Mountbatten behind the scenes, away from public scrutiny.



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