From: Mohan Natarajan < >

Subject: AAP Victory in Delhi

Dear Sir:

Let us all congratulate Kejriwal and his party for this wonderful performance. Kejriwal said that the voting machines are tampered. If you press any button, the vote goes to BJP.  Now what he says, after the victory. Is the AVM’s are not tampered?

The following news throws light on BJP’s performance:

Year       Percentage Of Votes           Seats Won      Votes Polled

2013         33.7                                       36                   2604100

2015         32.14                                      3                     2779810.

BJP managed to get its vote share.  Still it could get only 3 seats because the vote share of the congress, went to AAP.




You are wrong about church attacks.  It has no relevance to BJP getting defeated.  By your logic, Modi must have got all the 70 seats, because in the same period 260 temples were vandalized.  Why Hindus have not rallied behind BJP?

Sir, you seem to suggest HEY HINDUS, we can vandalize temples.

If you touch our churches, then the entire minority vote would go to

Opposition.  Be careful. I CAN SAFELY SAY, MINORITIES WILL NEVER VOTE FOR BJP.  WHAT AMBEDKAR SAID – if you convert to Christianity or Islam, you get denationalized.  You cease to be Indians.

You are only Christians or Muslims.  Indian Muslims and Christians are bent upon threatening and subjugating Hindus, in the name of vote bank politics and minority-sm.  This Is Very Bad For Democracy.


Gar Waapsi = You Are Wrong

When Christians and Muslims can convert Hindus, what is wrong with Gar Waapsi.  Our constitution permits free religious activities but not conversion.  So how can you blame Hindus when the minorities commit the original SIN.

The minority controlled and NGO-funded media, by connecting GAR WAPSI with the Delhi results, tries to force Hindus to abandon GAR WAPSI so that Christians and Muslims can continue with the conversion program merrily.

Had Modi brought in the anti-Conversion bill, he would have swept the Delhi polls. Make no mistake about this.

Unhappy Babus You Are Right 

I full agree with your views.  Our babus’ culture is NO WORK, FULL PAY. I congratulate you for your wonderful observation.

Where Modi Erred?


Everyone knows, Modi is honest, hard-working, and corruption-free and is the only hope for a brighter India. The Question Arises – What He Has Done For The Last 9 Months For The Common Man.

Jaitely telling that the deficit has been brought down from 4.1250% to

4.0010% has no relevance to anybody.  This figure is not going to satisfy the daily wager, house-wife, rickshaw-puller, auto fellows, laborers, coolies, workers, small traders etc.

Again Modi failed to submit a white paper on the financial position of India, at the time of take-over.  At least, if it had been done, a comparison was possible.

At least Modi could have held a press conference once a month to reach the public.  I promised this but I could not do this for such and such reason.  At least, the public would have been happy that the PM is communicating and is aware of his responsibilities.

Coming to OROP – he could have told the ex-servicemen that I promised OROP but due to the following reasons, there is delay in

Implementation.  I will certainly implement OROP after taking such and such steps.  This tete-e-tete with ex-servicemen, would have made them understand the PM better.

Again, Modi was too soft with Obama. When Obama talked about religious tolerance in India, Modi should have told him point blank mind your business. Don’t interfere in our internal affairs. That would added 15 seats in the Assembly polls because, people would have felt WE HAVE A PM WHO IS TOUGH WHEN IT COMES SAFEGUARING OUR HONOUR. Modi cut a sorry figure before the whole world and Indian masse took him to be weak.

Modi should be very firm when it comes to religious harmony.

He should have introduced anti-conversion bill.  He should have stopped the flow of Christian and Arab funding for conversion. He should tell the minorities you are Indians first and Indians last.  Don’t create problems by conversions etc. Had Modi done this, the whole of India would have applauded him.


Modi gives the impression that he is like a congress C-team when dealing with minorities.  Modi should understand that Muslims and Christians will never vote for him.

In Kashmir, more than 100 temples were destroyed.  Still BJP did not get a single seat in the valley.  Why?  Compare this with the church vandalism in Delhi.  Here also BJP got decimated. Why? That means, BJP gets smashed on both sides. Modi’s survival depends on Hindu consolidation. Not vote bank politics.

The media – both print and electronic is anti-Modi, anti-BJP and anti-India in every issue.  Yesterday, one channel anchor was bordering indecency while feeling ecstatic about BJP’s defeat.  The Government must find out as to why the channels take an anti-BJP stand on every issue – who is funding them – who is behind them.

The channels give the impression that they are operated by Pakistanis.

Anybody who watches Indian channels will get the impression that the Modi government is worse than the ETHIOPIAN GOVERNMENT.

Modi must communicate with the masses – he can mix with ordinary citizens and get on the spot feedback.  He must make the habit of travelling in public transport.  People must say MODI is our man.

If Modi goes, there is no future for India. This is my personal view.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

N Mohan

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