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Nonviolence is not an Absolute Principle in the Veda


“Ahimsa Paramo Dharma” is responsible for the unconditional surrender (“Partition”) of India and the ongoing Hindu MASSACRES and the ABDUCTION & RAPE of Hindu girls.


Warfare is not only fighting with weapons. Another important means is to use PSYCHOLOGICAL weapons. These include propaganda to demoralize and confuse the enemy.


This aspect was considered so important that Hitler created a special high powered ministry and placed it under Dr. Goebbels who succeeded in changing the very belief system of the Germans. As a result they saw the dictator as a flawless human being. Such a highly intelligent people like the Germans began to follow him BLINDLY! The same is the case with our Hindu nation. They followed Nehru, and even his offspring, blindly. Many ignorant fools, like the Indians in South America who saw Columbus for the first time, think that Sonia Maino is “Rashtramata”, if not a White goddess!


Most Hindus do not realize that we have many enemies who wish to wipe out Hindus by driving us out of the “Rest” of India (our LANDS).


In our case the enemies have been most successful in the use of this weapon. The most glaring example is the ingrained BELIEF that Muslims are “brothers” of Hindus. Even our top leader, MK Gandhi, a barrister, kept chanting “Hindu Muslim Bhai!” That was ABSURD and STUPID- but even WORSE was to follow.


After Nehru gave away one third of India to the ENEMY the Hindu masses did not seem perturbed over the historic TERRITORIAL loss. Life went on just as before. This NUMBING of senses is due to intensive propaganda, Goebbels style that has DESTROYED the Hindus’ rational and objective thinking power.


In that collective ‘DEGENERATED and DECOMPOSED’ brain any atrocious event and calamity simply fit in easily, without raising an eyebrow.


A glaring example was the easy entry of a FOREIGNER (Sonia Maino) in the Prime Minister’s house as “daughter-in-law” of the whole nation. To question her loyalty to Bharat appeared to the Lok Sabha and all the police chiefs and the army generals totally unnecessary, in fact, bad manners and rude!


In countries where the collective national BRAIN is healthy (not damaged), a foreigner is seen & spotted from a mile and a thousand questions asked about that person’s BACKGROUND, RELIGION, family tree, social connections and affiliations and PROOF of loyalty to the adopted country. None of this happened in our “coolie colony”. People were TAMED by PROPAGANDA.


No wonder NEHRU and his DYNASTY kept a tight control over “Information & Broadcasting”. Radio and Television remained STATE controlled in order to carry on State PROPAGANDA to make the Hindus harmless (“hijdas“)!


One result of this PROPOGANDA is to convince the Hindus that to carry, or use, arms is a sin since among others, Bapu Gandhi insisted on AHIMSA PARMO DHARMA.


His influence (BRAINWASHING) is so successful that it might take many more decades for the Hindu masses to challenge this motto as you have very rightly explained in your e-mail below.


Yet another proof of the collective brain damage, due to PROPAGANDA, is the ingrained FEAR of foreigners. The Hindus do not retaliate or counter attack since it means using force (violence).


Here are some examples of NAKED AGGRESSION against the Hindus taking place day and night:-


  1. Hindus are not motivated to catch the “Mohammed” who rapes a girl, and thrash him or castrate him.


  1. Hindus “lump” the news on regular basis that it is normal to see a Mohammedan GROOM and a Hindu BRIDE. There is NO stir among the Hindu masses to “gherao” the Jehadi LOAFER and take him to a temple to do his “SHUDDHI” before he sleeps with his Hindu bride. Most Hindus look at the “vanquished” girl through the prism of their own self negation.


  1. Hindus are BRAINWASHED to laugh at themselves when they watch Hindi films in which KHANS ridicule our culture and ways of worship. Some of these Khans have taken to bed more than one Hindu wife and produced many children all growing up under the surname “Khan”. The Hindu nation regards the disappearance of our girls as normal. In contrast, no one dares to “touch” a Musalmanee!


  1. It is now deeply embedded in Hindu psyche that a Mohammed can destroy or damage a temple but NO Hindu can do the same to any mosque, or INSIST on seeing the miscreants in jail. In “hijda” Hindusthan the police is also USELESS as we see in West Bengal.


  1. We saw all the huge international storm of protest over the murder of 2,000 Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 but there is never a whisper over the slaughter of TWO MILLION Hindus in 1947 alone, leave aside the thousands murdered in Noakhali and the Sikhs massacred in Delhi with State involvement. Recall the “Bofors Chor” Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi comparing the fallen Sikhs to the falling leaves in autumn!


Accounts of Hindu massacres “vanish” from Hindu memory in a second- all due to intensive brainwashing by PROPAGANDA. How long did the nation mourn the “death” of Sindh, West Punjab, East Bengal and North Kashmir?


Not even ONE SECOND as we recall TRAITOR Nehru giving his speech about “glow of freedom” when at that very moment there were THOUSNADS OF BURNING PYRES, cremating the Hindus murdered across Pakistan.


Mr Modi will do well to put a competent Minister to look after INFORMATION & BROADCASTING (and EDUCATION) to counter, or reverse, the tide of propaganda being carried out by India’s “COOLIE” PRESS and her despicable lickspittle journalists.


The challenge before the minister will be to end the trait of SELF NEGATION of the Hindus.


Some demeaning, self-negating and humiliating “Scriptures” composed during the ISLAMIC rule also need scrutiny and revision. There is NO parallel of such “self-destruction & humiliation” in either Islam or Christianity!


Finally, it is time to speak of “SHAKTI” instead of one sided unilateral “Shanti”. For a nation kept suppressed and crushed for centuries a ‘THOUGHT & ATTITUDE’ revolution is the need of the hour. The first benefit will be the change in attitude of the BABOOS towards the common citizen. At present the latter is often considered “dust under their feet” as per old colonial style of administration. Then we shall see Zakir Naik and Akbaruddin sealing their lips and Sonia Maino packing for Italy!





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