Vedics, Please Stop Inter-Vedic Conversion Effortsand Unite Against the Anti-Vedics Instead

Dear Vedic:


I request please give up converting the muurti pujaks to aarya samaajis because:

  1. After Adi Shankaracharya (an advaiti and therefore a non-muurti pujak) we have had five Vaishnava Aacharya of which the last was Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  All of them and their disciples and follower bkahtas do muurti pujaa because: after praaN pratishTha, the muurti becomes an authorized place to submit seva and prayers and do any sadhnaa in its presence, just as a gov’t rules everywhere in its county, but there are authorized post office boxes placed at specific locations. A mail placed in the authorized box will go to its destination, putting mail out of the box will be lost–no one will pick it up to take it to destination.
  2. Muurti pujaa process is proven effective over millenniums for advancing spiritually. It is bhakti yoga as descried in Bhagavad Gita by Bhagavaan Krishna.
  3. No muurti pujak has interest to convert aarya samaajis or other Vedics; so no need to convert muurti pijaks; no need to preach them by non-bhaktas.
  4. No muurti pujaks take away the freedom of thought, speech, action, assembly, property, wives, dignity, land, or honor of any non-muurti pujaks. So, no reason to bother them.
  5. Thousands of temples built by the Vedics in the past are religious infrastructure. It is our precious inheritance. Travelling sadhus, aacharyas, sanyaasis, and swamis visit the temples and preach dharma to society.  (The temples on the other hand need to be run under the guidance of a dharma aacharya, not by mere businessmen.  The temple income needs to be used for dharma prachaar and samaj seva.)
  6. In Bhaarat/Hindustan three foreign anti-Vedic religions or ideologies have invaded. They are Islam, Christianity, and Communism.  They are aggressively working, with foreign funds, to totally destroy the Vedic culture and dharma.  They are exclusive religions. (In contrast, the vedic dharma is universal religion for mankind.) Therefore, we the Vedics need to stay united and frustrate their efforts. We need to purge out Islam from Bhaarat; we need to make Bhaarat a Vedic State, not “secular,” and that needs unity among the Vedics.

Therefore, unless you are a Muslim, Christian, or a Communist in disguise of an aarya samaaji, please give up slandering muurti pujaa, and do not say that it is idol worship. It is no idol worship.

Let me know any question.

Jai Sri Krishna!



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