Dear freedom and peace lovers:

Please see a video at below link.

It informs that:

  • Islam is against democratic form of government
  • Saudi Arabia is financially helping Wahhabis (extreme Islamists) to spread their ideology all over the world provided they do not do it in Saudi Arabia
  • There are so called moderate Muslims who refuse to follow extreme Islam and they do not do jihad, do believe in democracy and freedom of thought, speech and action


Skanda987 argues here that Islam contains the cancer if extremism. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the new generations (the family lines) of these moderate Muslims will also be moderates and peace and freedom loving persons. So, Skanda987 believes it is better for the moderates to give up Islam openly and become a humanist, an atheist, or pick up any other tolerant religion of choice. The benefits of quitting Islam are these:


  • You are not expected to visit any mosque
  • You do not need to attend any madrassa
  • You do not have to dress like a Muslim
  • You do not need to defend the moderates
  • You are not expected to live by Sharia
  • You do not need to circumcise
  • You do not need to cut clitoris of your young girls
  • You do not need to celebrate any Muslim holidays
  • You are free to draw pictures of lives, or draw cartoons
  • You are free to sing and play instruments
  • You will not ask for a separate law or separate room for prayer
  • You will know the qualities and characteristics of God, heaven or hell from a chosen tolerant religion of your choice
  • Muslim women will enjoy a lot of freedoms like:
    • They will not wear burkha
    • They will not have fear of instant divorce by husband saying “tallaq, tallak, tallak.”
    • They will freely go to schools and universities to get any education they want and be what they want to be
    • They are not likely to produce jihadists and extremist children
    • They will be free to swim in sea, lakes, and swimming pools
    • They will be free to drive cars
    • They will be treated like a human being, not like property of the husband or males of the family


Skanda987 thinks it will be a positive step toward world peace if the moderates give up Islam.


Jai Sri Krishna!


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