In a Democracy who is Supreme, People or Constitution?

Per the rationale described below the people are Supreme, and therefore can amend, revise or change the constitution of their country.

  1. No scientist will build a robot that will act totally independently and against the survival of the scientist.
  2. No government allows any person or organization to overthrow the government.
  3. A constitution is made by the people. Therefore, the people can change or amend it as necessary.

Therefore, any democracy whose constitution is meant to provide liberty, justice, and freedom to pursuit happiness for all the citizens cannot and must not allow an anti-democratic or barbaric ideology or religion to be legal in the country.

Most democratic constitutions have incorrectly assumed that all religions are equally good.  The history of Islam and acts of its followers have proven that Islam is not a good religion for peace and protection of freedoms.  Therefore, the non-Islamic (i.e. kefir) democracies need to amend the constitution declaring Islam illegal.  Additionally,

a. There are messages in Koran, Hadith and Sira, that you can find on many authoritative websites, that clearly show that Islam is not a religion for peace and freedom.  See a collation of articles at below link.

b.  There is a universal criteria for objectively comparing any two religions to determine which religion has higher potential to cause peace at personal or global level.  See the criteria at below link.

Click to access religions-and-religious-freedom_paper.pdf

I request those who love freedom and want peace to please unite, and with grass root democratic action please amend their country’s constriction declaring Islam illegal. When it is done, fighting terrorism within the country will become very easy and will cost very less in time and money.

Note that in most Muslim countries all religions, except Islam, are illegal.  E. g. in Saudi Arabia you cannot practice Christianity or Hindu or Buddhist faith even within your home.  Islam is against any form of government except Islamic government with Sharia law.  Islam does not treat men and women equally.  Per Sharia law one is guilty as charged; the accused is burdened to prove he/she is innocent.  If a woman is raped in an Islamic country under Sharia, she is required to produce two witnesses in court to prove she is raped.  Per Islam punishment for quitting Islam is death.

– Skanda987

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