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To: India’s Media:




I agree with one point – if Hindus had been bad, Muslim population in India would not have grown from 4 crores at the time of partition to the present 24 crores.  If Sagarika discusses the following points, she can caption the next article NO, WE KHANNOT


  1. Why the Indian media is keeping quiet over the genocide of Hindus in Pakistan – the Hindu population at the time of partition was around 17% and now it is less than 1%?  Is that goodness of Muslims?


  1. Why the Indian media is keeping quiet over the genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh – the Hindu population at the time of partition was around 33% and now it is less than 7%.  Genocide – Bangladesh Human Rights commission had said that 35 million Hindus could not be accounted for.


Why not a single Muslim has migrated to Bangladesh or Pakistan, despite the creation of A SEPARATE MUSLIM COUNTRY.


  1. Why the media is keeping a deathly silence over the massacre and ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir?  4 lac pundits are refugees in their own land for the last 25 years – Pundits were the original inhabitants – their lineage goes back to 3000 years and Muslims lineage goes back to less than 1000 years?  IS IT NOT SHAMEFUL THAT NO INDIAN IS TAKING AN INITIATIVE TO TEACH A LESSON TO OMAR AND FAROOK? – the media treats the Abdullahs as sacred guests – IS IT NOT A DOUBLE SHAME?


  1. Why the media failed to ask the Muslims – WHY YOU ROASTED ALIVE 59 innocent women and children in Godhra?  Why the media did not publish the names of the victims and their photos?


  1. Why the media did not mention that 259 Hindus were killed during

2002 riots?  Why the media did not mention the fact that so many rounds of firing were resorted to, to control the rioting?  A French journalist had mentioned in detail, the steps taken by Modi government to quell the riots.  Why the Indian media is silent on this?


  1. Nanavathi commission had submitted the final report on Gujarat riots.  Why the media did not discuss in detail, about the contents of

this report?


  1. Why Ambedkar told Gandhi that there must be exchange of Muslim population after partition?  Why Ambedkar correctly felt that Muslims can never co-exist with Hindus?


  1. Why Rajedra Prasad told Gandhi that if Muslims are retained in India, they should be disenfranchised?


  1. Why Huntington said that Muslims can never co-exist with other religionists?


  1. Why Prathipal Singh, Prof. Alberta University, Canada remarked



  1. Why Will Durant said that the greatest genocide on earth was the massacre of 100 million Hindus by the invading Muslims, who ruled

India for over 800 years?


  1. Why Ambedkar told dalits not to embrace Islam or Christianity? –

He felt that if they do so, they will get denationalized.  They will be only Muslims or Christians – not Indians.


  1. When 62% of Indians live on Rs.20 a day and 60% of womenfolk have no access to sanitary napkins and 60% of the Indians have no toilets, where is the question of Muslim poverty – if you assume, all the

20% Muslims are poverty-stricken, still it leaves more than 40% of Hindus poverty-stricken. Why Sachar committee only for Muslims?


  1. When Hussain drew porno of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, the entire media, supported Hussain, saying nobody can interfere with his right to freedom of expression. When the greatest secular paper on earth, THE HINDU, by oversight, published a caricature of Prophet, the Muslims protested and THE HINDU, TENDERED A FRONT PAGE



  1. Why Taslima Nasrin’s book LAJJA was banned?


  1. Why Rushdie’s Satanic verses was banned?


  1. Why the media is supporting KP – because only Hinduism is attacked?


  1. Why the media questions the recent Pakistani boat (terror, smuggler, etc.) exploding in the mid sea, as a PR exercise for BJP – that too in front of a Pakistani journalist – is it not sedition?


  1. Why Musharraf remarked that Pakistani terrorists need not bleed India.  Indian media is doing a better job (during the Agra summit)


  1. Why the media never advises the minorities to join the mainstream?


  1. Why the media did not highlight the treatment meted out to Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir valley etc.?  How the Kashmir valley was allowed to become Hindu-free?


  1. What will happen if Hindus do to Muslims, what they have done to Hindus?


  1. Tell me one place in the world where Hindus enjoy minority rights, as minorities enjoy in India.


  1. Why the media is not driving home the point that only in India,

Muslims are enjoying democracy for the last 66 years.


I am also attaching a news item on Kashmiri pundits:








Every year Kashmiri Hindus all over the country observe 19th of January as ‘Holocaust Day’. It was on this day in 1990 terrorist entrepreneurs under the aegis of JKLF and other allied outfits declared war against the minority Kashmiri Hindu community through hate campaigns, threats, selective killings, bomb attacks etc. This paved way for religious-cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus, the aborigines of Kashmir.


 No Kashmiri Hindu who has lived those days in Kashmir and retains some sensitivity can over-come these nightmarish experiences. That is why on this day Kashmiri Hindus hold protests, take out rallies and make resolve to keep reminding the world that this community will never accept its cleansing as fait accompli. Kashmiri Hindus have been great survivors and retain the will to survive in future also.


Exile leads to spiritual impoverishment—not only in cultural terms but also in retaining memory of the cleansing act itself. Fear, insecurity, powerful adversary, insensitivity all around etc. tend to induce de politicization and feelings of defeatism.


 As the exile gets prolonged the mass of the exiled community comes to regard its own self as the worst enemy. The resultant social distortion of its personality makes it behave in bizarre ways. It seeks to invent virtues in those who imposed genocide on it. Secondly, it begins to advocate its redemption by undermining its own community—its ethos, culture, struggle, leadership and comes to regard assimilation in alien culture and erosion of its identity as its ultimate salvation. This has been true of all exiled groups in history.


If living in exile is not accompanied by consciousness of exile, the exiled community would not be able to preserve its identity consciousness for retrieving its homeland. Observance of the ‘Holocaust Day’ addresses this dimension as well, besides keeping political visibility on genocide. A new generation of Kashmiri Hindus born after 1990 have no memories—of being pushed out or the nostalgia of living Kashmiri way of life in the ambience of Kashmir. How do they relate themselves to the moment for retrieval of homeland? Participation in community agendas on ‘Holocaust Day’ and other days affords an opportunity.


In 1990 when Kashmiri Hindus were thrown out from Kashmir by Jihadist fascist forces, the displaced community faced total isolation. Regional mainstream parties in Kashmir were hostile because Kashmiri Hindus refused to endorse the parochial religious sub-nationalism espoused by them. Left\Libeof Panun Kashmir are slowly succeeding in breaking this vicious circle of isolation. The forces of history are also playing their role. Travelling of jihadist terrorism to the mainland is making the nation aware that Kashmiri Hindus were only the first victims in the jihadist war. Its larger target was the idea of India itself. Kashmiri Hindus are thus finding new allies.



It is time the ruling dispensations in Delhi realize that genocide of Kashmiri Hindus needs to be reversed lock, stock and barrel. Political structures in which Kashmiri Hindus lived prior to 1990 only facilitated their complete cleansing from their homeland. They cannot return to the same structure.


Kashmiri Hindus look to Narendra Modi with great hope and optimism. It is our strong belief based on ground realities that the separatist campaign in Kashmir is not an issue of local alienation or a legacy of partition. The separatist campaign is part of a war being waged to dismantle India’s northern frontiers and pave a way for the balkanization of the country. The religious cleansing of their community was a consequence of this campaign.


They challenged the very concept of Kashmiriyat. Apart from underlining the need to accelerate the process of nation-building and protecting and securing the Himalayan frontiers and eliminating the forces inimical to India and the minorities in the state.


The structural reorganization of Jammu & Kashmir in the larger framework of the reorganization of the state is a political necessity. It is GOI’s responsibility to create a new dispensation as demanded by Panun Kashmir in Kashmir, in which there would be no future refoulment. It is to this dispensation the entire displaced community would return to live there on permanent basis. Till then Kashmiri Hindus need to keep up their struggle.


 This is the message for the ‘Holocaust Day’.




Can I wait for another article NO WE KHAN-NOT


Thanking you,


N Mohan


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