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Lt Col CR Sundar, President Sainik Samaj Party

With growing disgust I have been watching the sad descent of social life in Tamil Nadu for the last five or six decades and now in my old age I have come to the depressing conclusion that the people of Tamil Nadu are the most shameless and gutless lot in the Indian Union. They have handed over the state to be exploited by a greedy and ruthless clan of Dravidians whose chosen all powerful leader has at last been imprisoned for stealing peoples’ money.

Though powerless and in jail Jayalalitha is still the queen of the Dravidians. They have lived and prospered by her. And now, when they find that the hands of justice which has prosecuted their patron may also close in on them they are united in their attempt to frighten the people of Tamil Nadu into silence so that they can coerce the judiciary as though it were possible.

Jayalalitha presided over the most partisan, ravenous, plundering group of Dravidians. She ensured that panchayat councilors were elected from this mostly semi literate and brutish section. These councilors in turn exploited the natural resources of the state with impunity and grew fabulously rich. They all laid a portion of their ill gotten wealth at the feet of their queen. In return she shielded them from law.

It is with this money that she bought for herself the 900 acres estate at Kodanad and thousands of other acres in Tamil Nadu and neighboring states. Much of this was acquired even while the disproportionate assets case of 1996 was still in pendency. What awesome, stunning disregard for the people and their laws!

Meanwhile, under her watch Tamil Nadu had the lowest rate of growth in jobs but the highest rate of suicides, deaths by road accidents, custodial deaths and revenge killings. Recently by elections were held for 530 local body seats. A majority of those vacancies had arisen because the incumbents had been murdered.

Now, this section of alien Dravidians has imposed their lawlessness on the people of Tamil Nadu in a form worse than what it was when their queen was in power. They want their bandit queen back in a hurry.

But much of the blame rests on the people of Tamil Nadu. At the best of times she has had only 28% support. What about the remaining 72%? They are couched down unwilling to peep over the parapet, stick their necks out, as it were. It is this dread on the part of the people of Tamil Nadu which makes them deplorably honourless. It is this fright which has encouraged unscrupulous elements like Jayalalitha and her sundry Dravidians.

So now, just as a judge has come to our rescue we need the Governor of Tamil Nadu to pull us out of this morass at the bottom of the abyss in which the State finds itself.

We want President’s Rule at the earliest.

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