PM Modi’s Statement about Indian Muslims

By Suresh Vyas, 20 Sept. 2014


“If anyone thinks Indian Muslims will dance to their (ISIS’s) tune, they are delusional. Indian Muslims will live for India, they will die for India — they will not want anything bad for India,” Modi said in an interview to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria –

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I take this as a guidance statement by an elected political leader. The statement is a guide to the Muslims of Bharat.  They need to think at heart that they are Bhaaratiya first, not Muslims first as Islam teaches.  This is because:

  1. Islam has forcibly invaded in Bharat, so it is a foreign ideology that does not belong in Bharat. Islam has no right to be in Bharat. Invader cannot have right to stay.
  2. The Muslims of Bharat (and the subcontinent) are the decedents of the Hindus who a few centuries ago were forced to convert to Islam. So, the Muslims need to think about their ancestors, what pain they went through to convert. In haven they are not happy. They cannot be. The Muslim kings of their time forced Islam on them, and kept them Muslims. Now the current Muslims have no one, no Gov’t, to force Islam on them. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for them to quit Islam and please their Hindu ancestors. In Bharat, it is the same blood for the Hindus and the Muslims.
  3. Being aBhaaratiya (Hindustani) first means this:
    • Respect all the Vedic yogas and saadhnas, and Vedic deities.
    • Respect the Vedic culture of Hindustan
    • Respect genuine Vedic gurus, sadhus, aachaayas, and swamis and sanyaasis
    • Respect Vedic places of pilgrimages
    • Respect the Hindustan desh as the mother of all Hindustanis. Actually, per the Vedic scriptures, the Earth is the mother of all lives. It provides is food and all necessary material for happy living. Respecting the land means not spoiling environment.
    • Sing Vande maatram song with reverence to the motherland.
    • Demand and pressure the Hindus to live per the Hindu dharma as it is provided in Bhagavad Gita. Protest against any malpractice of Hindu dharma.
    • Do not follow any anti-Vedic intolerant exclusive and foreign ideology or religion.
    • Do not listen to anyone, or read any book, that is anti-Hindu or anti-Hindustan.
    • Do not work for or support the enemies of Hindustan.
    • Do not support any separatist movement.
    • Do not do any so called ‘religious practice’ that takes away innocent others’ freedom of thought, speech, action, movement, gathering, communicating, property, lives, wives, honor, dignity, means of earning living or belongings.
    • Do not ask for separate laws. Same laws for all the Hindustanis.
    • Do not cutoff foreskins of males unless for solving any health problem.
    • Do not cutoff clitoris of females.
    • Do not wear Burkha because in the time of terrorism you never know who is under it. Gov’t must declare Burkha illegal for this reason.
    • Do not define a religion by the malpractice of that religion by some. Understand a religion through the authoritative books and recognized authorities of that religion.


Note that none of the above costs anything. It is not hurtful to self or others.  When all the Hindustanis do the above, it will create unity, peace and prosperity for all in Hindustan.

PM Modi’s statement about the Hindustani Muslims is for all of them, but technically it cannot be true for all but for most Hindustani Muslims. This is because, per the law of nature, at any time there always will be some more or less Hindustanis who will be deluded, and will follow the foreign religion Islam that tells to work against the Hindus and Hindustan. For them, the Gov’t will have, and must have, strict rules and laws and punishments for wrong doings. Gov’t and the majority Hindustanis will not, should not, tolerate any anti-Hindustani acts of any Hindustani.

Jai Bharat!

Vande Maataram!

Jai Sri Krishna!


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