How Bharat Can Solve Kashmir Issue

By Suresh Vyas


Bharat has been suffering from the Kashmir issue since Bharat created Pakistan when the British rule ended in 1947. The root issue actually is due to the intolerant Islam that has invade by force since 1000 years in Bharat.   So, Kashmir issue is actually Islam issue for Bharat that is the homeland for the Vedic (Hindus) since millenniums.


The issue is not international. The world powers have no interest in solving it.  In contrast, they have interest to divide and conquer.  E. g. USA/Bush said after 9/11 that in the fight against terrorism, whoever is not with us (USA) is our (USA’s) enemy.  The Western media never misses to say in the India-Pak related new articles that India and Pak are nuclear armed arch enemies.  USA also says that Pak, which (all know) is the epicenter of Islamic terrorism, is their friend. The USA has given Pak billions of $’s aid and weapons.  Therefore, by the enemy-definition of the USA, Bharat can say that USA is India’s enemy.  So then, why not Bharat should stop buying anything from USA till USA totally stops any aid, cash or weapons, to Pakistan?  The point is, the word has no interest in solving Kashmir issue.  It is Bharat’s headache, and Bharat must solve it.  Bharat needs to tell the world that Kashmir is Bharat’s internal issue, and no country should poke its nose or finger in it.


Pakistan’s islamists militarily invaded in Kashmir at the time of partition in 1947.  Therefore, Bharat can take it back with military action.  That, however, will solve the issue partly. It will not solve Islam issue.  Therefore, the need is to purge out Islam from Bharat.  That means the Hindus who are majority in Bharat need to successfully persuade the Muslims of Bharat to give up Islam.  The rationale for this is this:


  1. Islam is most intolerant of any other faith. It is not compatible with any religion. This was the reason why Jinnah demanded partition in 1947.
  2. The Muslims of Bharat subcontinent are the dependents of the Hindus who were forcibly converted to Islam. Now no one is forcing these Muslims to hold on to Islam. Therefore, for peace and harmony then need to give up Islam. After giving up Islam, they can remain atheist, or follow any other religion such as Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism or Vedic.
  3. Bharat is a democratic state, and Islam is against any democratic or un-Islamic form of gov’t.

When Islam is purged out of Bharat, there will not be any spy or supporter of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) any more in Bharat.


Those Muslims who refuse to quit Islam, must be sent out of Bharat.


To test if Islam is really purged out, bury or burn Koran in Bharat. If no riot or protest happens, then Islam is purged out.  Note that around 1947 Manu Smriti, and Hindu scripture was buried in Bharat, and no Hindu had protested it.  This is due to the tolerance of the Hindus.


After purging out Islam from Bharat, Bharat can take back Pak occupied Kashmir.

This also requires that the Hindus must stop any mal-practice of the Vedic dharma.  These are tough problems, but can be solved with Hindu unity and determination.


I request the Pro-Vedic intellectuals, including retired military officers, to discuss the matter openly.


Jai Sri Krishna!



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