On National Language for Hindustan
By Suresh Vyas

1. Should Hindustan (Bharat desh) have a national language?
Yes, because it unifies the citizens by providing a common language for communication. Every country has its own national language.

2. Hindi already is declared national language of Hindustan. Most languages of Hindustan have their roots in Sanskrit. Their grammar and sentence structures are same. Sanskrit is very logical language and therefore is programmable. Like Sanskrit all the Hindustan languages have 36 consonants and 12 vowels with which we can write what we hear. Therefore, in Hindustan no one asks the other “how you spell” a name or word.” In comparison, English is lame and without any logic or rationale.

3. The Gov’t and the Hindustanis have the right to insist that the movies and media use a pure language and not use khichri language. The Hindustani movie makers and media should willingly take responsibility to use pure language.

4. If the Gov’t makes a law that enforces each movie and news media to use pure language, then it can be implemented in a very short time. It will create some jobs for language experts also. Use of a pure language in movies and media will help in spreading the knowledge and usage of pure languages.

5. We do not like English and Urdu languages because the Englishmen and the Moguls ruled over us.

6. Should all the Gov’t communication be in the national language?
Yes, but that change has to happen gradually over say, 12 or so years. The following activates should help bring the change. This method will not put at disadvantage the non-Hindi speaking Hindustanis.

a. The schools need to begin teaching three pure languages: regional, national (Hindi), and optionally International (English, unfortunately).

b. All the Gov’t sign boards should be in two scripts: regional, and national language. Same for all Gov’t communication. This is not difficult in this age when there are computers, translation software, and qualified translators also.

c. The activities descried in the above two steps should continue only for 12 years, and then be stopped. By that time all Hindustanis will know Hindi and Devanagari scripts.

d. It will really help towards unity if all the Hindustanis write in any language but use only the Devanagari script. That way at least all can read it.

7. The human brain has a lot of reserve capacity to learn. Most people hardly use 1% of the brain capacity. So, learning three or more languages is well within the ability of the Hindustanis.

8. We Hindustanis need to discourage those who make constant efforts to cause strife and disunity among us. We all are Aryans, and Aryan is not a race as some think. According to the Vedic scriptures, an Aryan is one who accepts the authority of the Vedas (or Tirukural which is known as Tamil Veda) and strives to live per it. The Vedas provide universal religion for mankind. The Vedas are not sectarian. Therefore, we are not racists. Being so, the people of the Dravid desh in the south Bharat are also Aryans. (The Hindustani Muslims and Christians are not Aryans because they rejected the Vedas. However, their ancestors a few centuries ago were Hindus who were forced to convert. It will be great if they revert back to Hindu dharma or at least give up the foreign imposed religion.)

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