Modi: The Soul Of Vedic Politics
Dr. Babu Suseelan
Within three Months, we will have Sri Narendra MODI as the New Prime Minister of India. This election is very critical for Indians and a turning point for India’s future. This is our chance to take back our country.
Indians are not free. Our freedom and symphony to be complete we have to have a new movement. All nationalist Indians must Join together to tear down economic shackles created by the congress government of Sonia Maino. Foreign Enemy Governments in cohorts with corrupt politicians of India have become increasingly concerned with emerging Indian nationalism and nationalist challenging foreign western government’s hegemony.
MODI’S role in this election has been to promote the welfare of those in India, the poor, sick, and those in need of assistance.
Competition among political groups are in any Indian election is a time when political groups distort our country’s legacy. With MODI, we can tear down barriers created by our enemies.
For thousands of years our nation was ruled by Invading Mussulman and British Christian colonialists and citizen were discriminated, oppressed by hostile and aggressive Muslims and European Christian Colonialists. Then after Islamists were crushed, European Christians were invaded our country, colonized us, tinkered with our education, our sacred culture was adulterated, our wealth was looted, forcefully converted our people, made them zombies and coolies.
In 1947, our country was divided between Muslims and Hindus. We have retained an Islamists and atheist as the Prime Minister of India. Instead of empowering Hindus, the Congress Prime Minster, imposed by the anti-Indian British Christians, introduced appeasement polices favoring Jihadis and converted Christians. By making our enemies prosperity and peace their prime priority, caring for the well-being of our enemies –loving our enemies –is the only way the congress party can dismantle our country, destroy our culture and establishing a dynasty rule. The congress party introduced liberalism, socialism, godless communism, mindless secularism, encouraged jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, and introduced failed policies of the leftists and Islamists.
It is time for the majority Hindus to replace the dynasty rule, jihadi terrorism, deceptive-and dangerous conversion, western consumerism, and godless communism.
All Indian citizens from Kathmandu to Kanyakumari might move out of our various camps and enter in to a fresh dialogue with one another with the new path ahead. Again, the best way to common ground is the path to higher ground. Only a heightened level of our Vedic moral discourse in the public debate is the solution which will bring us together.
The cultureless, Godless, corrupt Congress party headed by the Italian Sonia Maine simply be replaced by the moral values of Santana Dharma. We have seen enough of dangerous promises of the congress party leaders and the state wide corrupt politicians. Indeed, because of the demonstrated human capacity of the crooked and corrupt politicians in India to do terrible evil. Our moral values, ethics, must be the touchstone of India’s political life.
MODI has the vision and Mission. What is MODI’s vision? Virtue is his fuel of his vision. Integrity, Fairness, and Justice are the measure of his programs. Indian citizens will feel life and hope with his grand schemes. MODI will give practical solutions that many problems we face.
Our Land, India is filled with gold, diamonds and precious metals. And there is no end to our treasures. Our land is protected by Himalayas and three seas; our country has been an agricultural land. Our forests are filled with beautiful, strong trees, animals and rare birds. The land is filled with temples and treasures.
Unfortunately, our tolerance of intolerant people and meaningless practice that all people are to be respected and our foolish philosophy that there is no distinction between goodness and evil are causing us sufferings. All religions are the same led to our weakness social injustice, violence, spiritual degradation, and our oppression and discrimination by Muslims and British Christians.
Instead of fighting against our enemies, the majority turns on one another and they fight one neighbor against another neighbor. Encouraged by our Corrupt and anti-National politicians, our enemies have brainwashed us, interfered in our politics, defense, intelligence and created our life in crisis and more difficult.
Could that escalation of Jihadi terrorism, Islamic violence, Crime, rape, substance abuse, alcoholism, media’s foreign interference, Maoist violence, communism, and the mayhem created by Tamil tigers, coercive religious conversion, separatism created by foreign powers and cultural and political bankruptcy augmented by the corrupt politicians, and spiritual malignancy and the urgent need for redirection? The crisis and calamity that has overtaken our society might, indeed, the clarion call that rouses every citizen form the political slumber imposed on us by the congress party and their foreign cohorts. The calamity created by the dynasty and its leader, the uneducated, the Italian born Sonia Maino has gripped the nation with fear. That BJP and MODI could be impetus for going deeper than before in trying to diagnose and solve India’s so many manmade crisis and calamities. This is a crisis of spirit. A cruel and endemic injustice, a soul killing western materialism, a life-destroying drug-traffic, demographic explosion of hostile elements, breakdown of our Sanskrit education, family life, border disorder, and structure, and an almost total collapse of our moral values have combined to create climate of violence and crisis throughout the nation, and corruption and coldness of heart by the Vatican agent that make every nationalist citizen shiver
India is under siege. Our enemy within and without made our domestic and international crisis deepened. MODI and his team can sense the danger and find an opportunity for India to be great again.
When we make a political shift to BJP and MODI, our hope that change is possible begins to rise. BJP and MODI can resolve the deeper issues, which are more structural and spiritual. The truth is that our enemies may interfere with MODI and try to recompose old material values, reintroduce discarded culture and paradigms to crate cognitive confusion.
AND MODI is aware of the crisis of confidence our enemies are trying to create and will establish institutions charged reducing the risks, increase confidence and respect.
Today, jihadi terrorism, Islamic violence and crime, economic offenses continue in India and are still increasing. But this is a new time. It is a time that Islamic violence and jihadi terrorism will be resisted by all means. The failure of Islamic ideology and the appeasement policy of the anti-national Congress Party and the dysfunctional characteristic of Jihadis will be exposed by Indian public.
With the assistance of the majority, it is imperative that anti-Hindu and ant-Indian citizens of India must learn new moral values and VEDIC social conscience.
When real, nationalist Indians become accustomed to their new voting power, and start moving away from the anti-national, and criminal politicians may think that after the election of 2014, they may need a balanced vision, and VEDIC ethics, and a bold and broad form of Hindu virtue. It means having some humility and listening to Indian citizens. That is why it is so important for eligible citizens to participate in this election and make MODI as the next Prime MINISTER of INDIA.

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