Muslims of Indian Subcontinent, be Free from Islam

Cause Peace, and Improve Your Quality Of Life

Dr. Babu Suseelan

Millions of Hindus were forcefully converted by the Islamic sword in India. Anyone who has been converted to a closed-minded desert dogma and to Islamic education classes will have a negative social image of their Hindu ancestors.  There are lots of Muslims who will refuse to learn anything positive, critical thinking, logic; or friendly relationship with kafirs/Hindus. Worse than that is that many former HINDUS who are deceptively or coercively converted to Islam may accept the Muslim closed-minded dogma as true.


Carrying out a negative image of themselves, and spreading hatred is uncomfortable.   So many Muslims compensate by acting proud of their conversion, their attitude and hostile behavior.  Conversion to Islam is bad and uncomfortable. Their attitude is, “If you think I am bad, I will show you how bad I can be as a Jehadi.”

Although this attitude may help you defend as a new convert to Islam, it will also set you apart other converts, and trap you.  You are in a cycle of destructive Islamic behavior. You may do something bad like beheading, polygamy, deviant sexual behavior, hijacking and terrorism for the cause of spreading hated and anger favored by Mohammedans.

Now is the time to get out of this self-defeating circle. Exiting from Islam is truly rebirth–perfect time to make a fresh start.

2014 is election year in India. MODI will be elected as the new real Nationalist Minister of INDIA. Even though India is in the midst of positive change under MODI, Indian Muslims’ negative image as a criminal scoundrel and supporter of Pakistan Jihadi Terrorists may not change. Indian Muslims have to deal a lot of doubt and rejection. As a foot Soldier of Saudi Arabia, your negative image has to be changed. Fear and mistrust of jihadis will not go away overnight just because you want them to.

Don’t let other Muslims’ opinion shake your sense of your own worth as a new Hindu. If some Muslim Imam or Mullah says that as a new Hindu you are a trash, does not make you so.  No. Or a newspaper says that you are a saint. No matter how others see you, the real issue that matters is how actually you behave in thought and action.  Your true self is determined by your character and the results of what you do. You know the progress you have made and changes in your life, even if no one is aware. The one person who really knows who and what you are is you.

Rather than, arguing with people’s opinion, the best way to handle rejection from Islamic communities is to go on with your own free life. A new life will leads to new relationships with other Hindu families, friends and everyone you come to contact with.  As you invest time and consistent efforts in your new life as a Hindu, other people will begin to see changes in your life, and your reputation will improve.

Past mistakes as a Muslim may be a chapter in your life, but they were never intended to be the whole book. In fact, facing and overcoming problems is one of the most effective ways to grow as a new Hindu. Trouble arises when you are stuck in the old Islamic pattern and keep repeating the same Islamic mistakes over and over against.

It is a real story that happened in Mumbai while I was in Mumbai. It is apocryphal, that the Mumbai police were chasing a criminal who fled into a Mosque. The first thought was that the police could not enter a Mosque. The Mumbai police surrounded the mosque. But the mosque was so large and had so many exists, that they did not have enough policemen on the scene to police all the exits in the mosque. So the Mumbai police surrounded the next building with fewer exists.

Muslims in India are doing like the Mumbai police. Inspire of the opportunities provided to them by the pro-Islamic (and so anti-majority) government in India, Muslims in India are interested in creating a Saudi desert in India. Muslims from Mumbai, Kerala, west Bengal, Delhi, Agra, or any parts of India, please come back to dharma and be an ambassador of Sanathan dharma. Most of the academic liberals, Muslim fanatics, Marxist intellectuals, and pro-Islamist, pseudo-secular Hindus would follow your arguments on Modi and Godhra train torched by jihadis.

I know and you know that Jihadis hiding in India have more freedom, more opportunities, more appeasement, more financial assistance from the anti-Vedic government than any Muslims living in any Islamic countries including Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The information that Fanatic Muslims use to Judge MODI, the next Prime Minister of India, do not matter. Most of the times Muslim people make foolish judgment on leaders based on their Koran or cognitive upbringing. Saudi Foot soldiers in India want to bring their desert dogma into India. They are trying to create a dar-ul-Islam in India, the kafir county. Why don’t you come back to your original cultural roots?  Coming back you may be able to draw inspiration, motivation and spiritual guidance from our soul and spirit of India, MODI. The Islamic notion that Muslim jihadis can create mayhem by beheading all Hindus, and you can gain more opportunities in India will not happen again.

The idea that Muslims can convert all Hindus is utopian.

Abdullah, Anwar, Ansari, Mohamed and Ahmed, come back to Dharma and renew India for your mother, father and brothers and sisters, children and grand children.

Modi is a real nationalist Hindu and should be the Prime minister of India. Islam does not believe in democracy, peace, progress, tolerant pluralism, mercy, welfare, creative thinking, art, literature and philosophy. These converted Muslims are peddling Saudi Arabian desert culture. Saudi Arabian foot soldiers are marching with sharp swords intending to create Saudi desert culture in India. Their eyes are closed. How can Muslims create a dar-ul-Islam with their closed mind and closed system? Muslims practice polygamy, terrorism, beheading and homicide bombing. I may say to all Jihadis, it is time for them to ponder over their past and present Karma. No one in the world can escape from their past karma. If one drinks liquor, he will have cirrhosis of liver. It is a scientific fact, Muslims will learn slowly. Whether you are converted by coercion or deception, this is a golden opportunity for all Converted Muslims to come back; or at least give up Islam which is anti-Vedic. The Saudi Mullahs given you the name of Baber, the butcher, Ahamed or Mohamed, please come back to your roots, strengthen our Bhaarat nation, and your quality of your life.

2 thoughts on “Muslims of Indian Subcontinent, be free from Islam

  1. Go on dreaming Mr. Your religion is an insult to the humans.,the highest of creations. You are prostrating in front of woods,stones,monkeys,rats and mice etc.

    1. Yes, it looks to the ignorant like that, but it is not so.
      Did you notice that no practice of Hindu dharma takes away your (kafirs’) freedom of any kind, property or honor?
      Do you see value in it?

      jai sri Krishna!

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