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Creating a Hindu Vote Bank is the top priority of the present day.


The Hindus of Bharat realize, and are angry, that they are being humiliated by Muslims in different places. They are also angry that the political parties are supporting the Muslims in their mischievous anti Hindu activities. And still it is strange that when election comes, the same oppressed Hindus vote for the same political party or the same person who has humiliated them. All the elected Muslim representatives, who so ever party they belong to, are anti Hindus; and work for the betterment of Islam (which is anti-Vedic) in Bhaarat. They hate Hindus openly, and brazenly insult Hindus by their anti Hindu and pro-Islam activities. Yet strangely enough they get elected in next election by the votes of the same Hindus who are humiliated by the Muslim leaders.


How this phenomenon happens? It so happens because there is not a single political party or a Hindu leader who guides the Hindus in this issue. (However, at this time in 2013, there is hope for the Hindus with Baba Ramdev ji. -Skanda987.)  Everybody and every party is blindly chanting the mantra of secularism which compels the forgetful and helpless Hindus to oversee the misdeeds of the Muslim leaders and pro-Muslim parties; and they vote for them. The Hindus are rather bullied to vote for Muslims. For this the pro-Muslim parties, the secular leaders, secular parties, secular media, secular administration and secular intellectuals, and as a whole our secularism in our constitution, are responsible. (Secularism is a Western medicine of Europe against Christianity. We do not need that secularism because we the Vedics are inherently tolerant of all the tolerant faiths. -Skanda987.)


What should a Hindu activist do in this respect? He should strive for creating a Hindu Vote bank. He should go door to door and request a Hindu to vote only for him who promises to work for Hindu interest. A Hindu voter should be prepared to ask a simple question to his candidate before election. That is, “whom will you support when there is an act of anti Hindu incidence committed by a Muslim, the oppressor/aggressor Muslim or the oppressed/victim Hindus? This question should be asked preferably in a public gathering and the answer should be published in the local news paper. If the answer is in favor of the Hindus then the Hindus should vote for the same candidate which so ever party he belongs to. If the answer is negative, the Hindus should discard the candidate which so ever party he may belong to. A Hindu activist should tell the Hindu voters that they should not vote for a Muslim candidate which so ever party he may belong to. This is because a Muslim candidate can never work for the interest of the Hindu, reason being it is against the Quran to act favorably towards non-Muslims.


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