Sri Rishi,

Congratulations for quitting Islaam. Good you accepted the Vedic dharma. My praNaam to your guru.
If you were a Muslim from Bhaarat sub continent, then a few centuries ago your ancestors were Hindus who were forced to accept Islam.So, they will bless you from haven.

I request please help other Muslims of the sub contnent to give up Islaam.
It does not matter if they remain atheists or accept any othe religion except Xianity and communism.

– Skanda987


Rishi Dwivedi < > wrote:

M. W.,
(Hinduism is all about freedom (or curtailment of one’s freedom for spiritual advancement. – Skanda987)
I was a Muslim and converted to Hinduism for that one reason. In Islam us kids were forced to memorize Koran, if we made mistake in Arabic that was not our language, we were beating badly not only by the Mullah but at home to make it worse.

My Guru has told me to decide for myself what to believe in after a formal introduction to Hinduism. I am supposed to question anything and every thing, use my logic and God given intellect to decide if guidance is needed I can ask my Guru.
May God Bless God Given Freedom


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