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                                                  Dharma vs. Religion


A religion


It was/is determined by the Creator.

It is founded by a human being.


It is eternal. It has no beginning and no end too. We cannot live without it.

It was born on a certain date. What takes birth must die too, and hence, it will not exist for ever. We lived without it and we shall again live without it.


 It doesn’t go through any modification/ revision.

It needs to be modified with the passage of time.


It is applicable to all human beings irrespective of their gender, color, culture, national origin, etc. It favors none. Every human being has fundamental right to heed and follow it.

It originates from a mortal human being, and therefore, it’s likely to be preferential to a section of the human population. It may have discriminatory clauses.


The world is dependent on it like it depends on the sun, air, water, etc. It is as basic as anything we can imagine. The day dharma vanishes from the world, the world will vanish too. Dharanat iti dharmah, i.e. dharma holds the creation, the creator being the Dharmaraja.

It is a fabrication of a mortal human being who is not likely to be all-knowing and as benevolent as the Cosmic Spirit is. It can certainly not be a basic thing because the humanity managed without it before it came into being.


It is so natural that a few wise people can sit together to discuss and search in their conscience what our dharma is.

It requires an extraneous authority for its determination.


It has universal acceptance.

It can never have universal acceptance.


It has nothing that contradicts the laws of nature because the dharma and the laws of nature originate from the same source, the creator.

It often contradicts the laws of the nature.


 Its purpose is to guide the humanity towards righteousness for our overall personal and collective good.

Its purpose may be the selfish interest of an individual or a group of individuals.


 It brings universal love, brotherhood and peace among the entire humanity as parents desire in their family.

It often causes conflicts and strife leading to wars among followers of different religions.


 It can be understood by an intelligent person through his/her intellectual faculties.

It discourages us to use our intellectual faculties. It requires blind faith in a human being.


 It appeals to the natural human compassion and love.

It may give rise to hatred among its followers towards the followers of other religions.


It encourages us to know and understand the Cosmic Spirit and to be in communion with Him directly.

It gives importance to a human being, past or present and positions that man between us and the Cosmic Spirit. Thus, it creates an artificial distance between ‘me and God.’


One is encouraged to maintain pure innocence to see and enjoy every event as a miracle, such as a bud blossoming into a flower.

It brings in false concepts of miracles and thereby snatches away our pure innocence, encouraging irrationality, blind faith, conceit and hypocrisy.


There is considerable individual freedom for personal growth provided it doesn’t hurt others.

There is no freedom because there is fear that an individual may become equal or even superior to the person who founded that religion.


One can follow dharma anytime, anywhere at any age.

One must go through certain rituals to be initiated into a religion. There may not be an appropriate guideline applicable to every place and at all times.


If dharma sees its decline then …

…..religions flourish and create havoc for the noble people.


Dharma is one and only one.

Religions are many.


Dharma gives rise to higher moral and intellectual stature.

Religions may cause decay in moral and intellectual stature.


Dharma is a unifying force towards a global village of the entire humanity.

Religions are divisive that the entire earth can become a battlefield.

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