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One of my contacts sent this article,  I thought it’ll interest many of you.

Smash Those Statues

It was late 1947 when Pakistanis, in mad euphoria of Victory & Jehad, invaded Kashmir. Their advance was quick like the German “Blitzkrieg” in France, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake. They stabbed, burnt or beheaded every Infidel they came across and abducted and raped every female they could catch. Most could not hide or escape the Mohammedans. Harrowing tales of savagery and butchery reached the rest of India where people had already seen the predatory “beasts” in Western and Eastern Indian territories that had been deleted from the map of India and colored green earlier in August that year.

Prime Minister Nehru, a good friend of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, was forced to act by the Parliament to stop the raiders’ advance. He asked the ruler of the Princely State of Patiala, Yadavinder Singh to send his infantry to defend Srinagar.

In the post partition unimaginable chaos and bloodshed when millions of penniless grieving refugees were pouring into East Punjab and the rule of law had totally collapsed with the Muslims celebrating their historic victory over Hindusthan and with Lahore, the capital of Punjab and the sacred “Janmasthan” of Guru Nanak Dev surrendered by India in panic, the brave Sikh community was devastated. Sharing the misfortune of Hindus they, too, were going through bloodshed, uprooted in millions and forced to flee in all directions leaving homes and belongings behind. Hindus and Sikhs were facing HOLOCAUST.

A rumor started that the rulers of five Princely States in East Punjab were about to unite and save their people and territories by getting out of the “mutilated dying Akhand Bharat”, betrayed by its own treacherous and cowardly leaders.

Nehru, cleverly foreseeing that the separation of East Punjab would immediately lead to the establishment of “HINDU RASHTRA”, nipped the rumor in the bud by asking the ruler of the largest State, PATIALA, to send his troops to Kashmir in order to save Srinagar from falling into the hands of the Barbarians.

The regular Indian army, the veteran of the two World Wars now under orders to withdraw in disgrace from the surrendered territories, was in deep depression, confusion and disarray at that time. They were still busy counting their tanks, guns and the fighting units to go to Pakistan or remain in India but immediately rose to the occasion and joined the brave pioneering Sikh soldiers fighting in Kashmir.

However, seeing their rapid advance Jawaharlal Nehru got jitters and approached the United Nations to impose a cease fire in order to enable Pakistan to keep North Kashmir under her control. That is where the Indian soldiers are still stuck, trying to keep the enemy at bay while cursing both Nehru and Gandhi over the gruesome but futile loss of own lives.

Before starting on their journey to Kashmir the Jawans and officers of Patiala Light Infantry said prayers and then marched off, singing Guru Gobind Singhji’s soul stirring hymn, “Dih Shiva barr mohe ehai, Shubh Karmann te kabhoon na taroon.”

Along the way, they passed the statue of the “Sarkari Mahatma” *Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, erected on the island in Rajendra Lake that had replaced the statue of King Edward VII. (NB: *The clever British had three “pet dogs” in their Indian colony to do their bidding and serve their interests. They were Gandhi, Nehru and Jinnah. When the time came to smash Akhand Bharat and set Muslims against Hindus and decimate the Sikhs, they all behaved as expected by our foreign masters and India lay in tatters.)

Ahimsa preaching Gandhi’s statue in that “mutilated” State of Warriors was in sheer contrast to the previous statue of the Imperial King, and seemed pathetic in the posture of a leaning frail old man, wearing only a loin cloth to cover his body and holding a long stick to stand upright.

The soldiers came back after saving Srinagar from the wild “beasts” of Islam and narrated to their friends and families about Gandhi, “We were marching in high spirits to the battlefields in Kashmir when we passed Gandhi’s statue. He seemed to be telling us, “You fools, you evil men of violence, drop your guns. Throw away your uniforms and the violent thoughts of fighting the invaders. Go and embrace them as brothers and move their conscience. They will be ashamed of their conduct and go away. Fools, go home and chant, Ishwar Allah tero Naam. Sab ko sanmati de Bhagwan.


(Readers ought to be reminded that when the Japanese were advancing towards India (1944), Gandhi’s advice to the soldiers was to lie down in front of the Japanese tanks to “hurt their conscience” and compel them to turn back!)

People of Patiala, many grieving widows and crying orphans of Partition among them, who had earlier fought off Ahmed Shah Abdali and kept the marauding Afghans & Persians away, then hurled a foul (unprintable) abuse at the calamitous statue that seemed an uninspiring “mouse of a man” to the local warriors and stalwarts with the word “LION” (Singh) in their names.

In one voice they shouted, giving him an appropriate title, “O GOAT GANDHI, you have insulted the manhood and fighting traditions of our ancient land.”

They wanted the statue of Maharaja Ala Singh, the founder of Patiala State, instead. But Nehru smashed their aspirations and ordered the same to be kept.

Initially, Municipality cleaners appeared at least twice a day to remove the spit and the old torn shoes hurled at the statue by angry passers-by.

People of Patiala and every other city in Bharat are eagerly waiting for the advent of “HINDU RASHTRA” to sort out the dirty mess created by bogus Partition. The first good act will be the removal of the “Symbol of Slavery, Submission & Surrender”, i.e., the statues of MK Gandhi. There is no place for such a pathetic figure in our sovereign and strong Bharat.

Sixty-five years later all the NRI’s visiting their Motherland still see Gandhi statues all over Bharat, defiling the noble soil of Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Guru Gobind Singhji. Under some strategic nefarious “Sarkari” design the statues of Gandhi have spread like mushrooms across Bharat. Elderly Indians can clearly recall the pictures of Hitler and the statues of Stalin in the same way in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union respectively.

The Supreme Commander of India, all the army generals, air marshals and the admirals, who drive past Gandhi’s statues- all of them, hear him speak to them silently, “You fools, I won my revolution, chasing out the Imperial British without firing a single shot. You fools, you men of violence, drop your guns, throw away your uniforms and rid your minds of the evil thoughts of fighting the enemy. Go home and chant, “Ishwar Allah tero Naam. Sab ko sanmati de Bhagwan.”

We are bound to think of all the Indian military attaches on earth. Can they not see as to what kind of national heroes the other countries have and honor? What kind of statues do they see every day in London, Paris, Berlin, Washington, even Prague, Warsaw, Vilnius, Tallin, Brussels and Madrid? Why don’t they tell their demoralized ignorant Supreme Commander back home to be brave and not look an IMBECILE?

If the defense of India is not a cheap joke then we need to seriously suggest some worthy names to the dishonest “Hindu bashing” rulers of India to consider while replacing this symbol of cowardice, defeat and surrender. Here are some:

Shivaji, Netaji, Gen Hari Singh Nalwa, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Banda Singh Bahadur, Rani of Jhansi, Maharana Pratap, Rana Sangha of Mewar, Ala Singh, the founder of Patiala State, the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji, brave boy called Hakikat Rai, Guru Tegh Bahadur, and so on.

Would the readers please suggest some more names that the present “Sarkar” has brushed under the carpet in Soniaji’s house? Surely our Bharat with its long history can come up with countless more names to replace the one of MK Gandhi who was called “semi naked faqir“ by Sir Winston Churchill and “GOAT” by each and every Hindu refugee from East and West Pakistan and from the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

Finally, a word about Gandhi’s courage and patriotism: He supported the cause of Caliphate in Baghdad but never noticed the ruins of our great historic Sri Rama Temple in Ayodhya. He never recalled what Churchill had said in the darkest hour of British history, i.e., “We will FIGHT the enemy in air, on land and water, till our final victory.”?

Gandhi’s morals, too, seemed dubious when he slept with two virgins, one on either side in bed. Some accuse him of being “gay” (homosexual). With regard to his moral courage, he did declare, “India will be cut on my dead body,” but how he DEFENDED his “Akhand Bharat” is known to the whole world. No wonder many call him the real “Father of Pakistan”!

To many Indians the sight of Gandhi’s statues brings vomit to the throat. Shame on those who call him “Father of Nation.”

“Is it a NATION of proud Hindus or the driven cattle,” is the question we need an answer to.

Gandhi himself, when alive, could not save Sindh, Balochistan, West Punjab, Pashtoon Khwa (NWFP) North Kashmir, Sylhet and East Bengal.

Is there anyone still foolish enough to think that his silent statues will save the Rest of India?

(No. The slogan of this time needs to be: “Gandhi bhuulo, Krishna suno.” – Skanda987)

Only ONE man in entire Hindusthan knew the answer. His name was Nathu Ram Godse.


1 Feb 13.


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