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Islamic contributions to the world and especially to India is a big zero. Before the advent of brutal Islam, India was at its zenith of civilization. There was no poverty, discrimination, no beggars, and entire humanity lived in peace, tranquility, harmony and people were well educated.
The desert Deity, the brutal allah  invented by Mohamed, the slave trader, and wonton murderer was a shock to the world. Converted Muslims were forced to destroy the entire Babylonian civilization, Mesopotamia civilization, Egyptian civilization, Persian civilization and part of Indus civilization. Islam has introduced the world with terrorism, slaughter, sexual oppression, beheading of infidels, polygamy, terrorism, killing of innocent humans, sexual exploitation, and anti  human anti freedom, and anti democratic principles around the world.
Some disgruntled Indian writers and pseudo secular politicians praise Muslims and their contributions to the world. For the converted Muslims and ordinary infidels, it is time to think. Why should they follow the brutal philosophy of Saudi Arabia and promote Saudi imperialism. They should think creatively and why should they follow the merciless Saudi Imperialism and forget their culture which give them freedom, creativity and systemic thinking.  Those who are deceptively and forcefully converted into this out dated Saudi Arabian desert ideology which is closed, rigid dogma fir only for criminal activities, including plunder, torture, invasion and polygamy need to know about Islamic history. They need to ask questions not to follow the Imams and Mullahs who are directing the Saudi doctrine for world domination.
Rather  than following Baber, Aurangzeb, Idi Amin, Bin Laden, and Islamic terrorist leaders, converted Muslims must go back to their roots and draw inspiration from their own culture.

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