Dr. Babu Suseelan

Muslims residing in India and Pakistan Muslims think that India belongs to them and they will continue the Islamization process by all means. Together they are having been developing diabolically cunning strategies to destroy India from within.

Pakistan and India are neither separated by geography nor by life style. India follows universal Sanaatan Dharma, proactive democracy, universal civil and human rights.  Pakistan’s Islamic political system does not reflect our universal belief in democracy, spiritual life style, human rights progress and peace. Muslims residing in India and Paki Muslims are inheritors of culturally distinctive Arab (Islamic) imperialistic pasts that continue to blend with their contemporary Islamization process (Dar-Ul-Islam).

Pakistan knows it well that they cannot defeat India by military means. But Paki Muslims know that there are several methods to destroy a country from within. Muslims in Pakistan think that India still is their domain.

Recently Pakistan proved more successful in creating several Jihadi organizations within India.  These Jihadi organizations are managed, financed, trained and deployed in different states to create social crises. These anti Indian Jihadis plunge into an orgy of killing, bombing, and sabotages and engage in love jihad, economic jihad and political jihad. Pakistan devises different strategies and redirecting its ambition of Islamization of India through Muslims living in different parts of India.

If you believe the Islamized Indian Media you would think that politicians have succeeded in eliminating Jihadi terrorism, crime committed by Muslim infiltrators, and counterfeit Indian currency distribution by ISI. But the facts tell a dramatically different story.

Pakistan trained Islamic terrorists are infiltrating Kashmir, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, Kerala and engaged in land grab, bombing, maiming, kidnapping, harassing and threatening Hindus. One of the shameful experiences of modern Indian history is the rapid Islamization of India. Islamic Jihadi terrorists and illegal infiltrators are not arrested, prosecuted, but issued with voter identification cards, ration cards and citizenship as part of vote Bank Politics. In Kashmir, North East, West Bengal, and North Kerala, tens of thousands of Hindus were kicked out of their ancestral homes, and hit with Islamic Fatwas. They were compelled to convert into Islam or years of servitude to Islamic militants. Islamic Government in Kashmir exploited Central Government policies that discourage arrest and prosecution of Muslims for continuously to harass, kick out and take over Hindu homes and property against their will. As the Congress Government at the Center pours crores of rupees into Kashmir government treasuries, the new militant Islamism also becomes a key instrument in the Islamization of Kashmir.

Pakistan, recruit train and finance several Jihadis residing in the state of Kerala, Hyderabad, West Bengal and Kashmir for distributing counterfeit Indian currency printed in Pakistan. Corrupt criminal Indian politicians, Bureaucrats and police officials are bribed to ignore container loads of counterfeit Indian currency shipped from the Middle East or from Pakistan. The illegal currency is used to buy land, establishing businesses, industry, hotels and Islamic schools. Since Kerala is dominated by Muslim government and North Kerala has substantial Muslim population, it is easy for Pakistan to interfere internal affairs of India. Since Indian intelligence agencies are after Pakistan Printed counterfeit currency distribution, ISI has devised new diabolically cunning strategy to destabilize India financially and enrich Muslims and continue their Islamization process of India.

Thousands of Muslims from Kerala, Hyderabad, and West Bengal are now working in the Middle East. Pakistan ISI agents encourage these Indian Muslims to send their hard earned money to Pakistan through Hawaalaa.  Pakistan in turn promises to send fake Indian currency five times the real value of Middle East Currency send to Pakistan by Indian Muslims. Kerala Muslims from Malappuram can be seen queuing to send money to Pakistan through Hawaalaa hoping to get five times worth of Pakistan Printed Indian counterfeit currency. Indian Muslims working as Pakistan ISI agents in India transfer Pakistan printed fake currency through Hawaalaa to their houses in India. As a result, Muslims in Kerala become rich in business, industry, real estate, hotels, and became a land owning class.  Counterfeit currency is used to establish Mosques, expand Madrasaa education, and fund Jihadi training Camps and Jihad organizations throughout Kerala.

Jihadi Political, militant organizations in Kerala and throughout India have a shared goal, powerful need for cash and they have forged an alliance with Pakistan ISI. Pakistan provide them with counterfeit Indian currency, training in poisons and gases, training in bomb making, and training in document forgery.

Jihadis in India have an established doctrine and it is rigid and unchanging, and they have been adept at capitalizing on Hindu weakness, apathy, indifference, pacifism and tolerance. The majority of Indians have to realize that war on Jihadi terrorism, infiltration of trained Jihadis from Bangladesh and Pakistan is not limited to our Army or Border security Forces. Our enemy Islamists terrorists affiliated with radical Islam wears no uniform and carries no flag.

Nationalist Hindus must train an army of intelligence gatherers, create a Temple Protection Force, and closely associate with the Army, police, and the Intelligence department. War on Jihadi terror and rapid Islamization of India require forging new alliances with Intelligence agencies, Hindu organizations and participation in politics.

Unfortunately, Hindus have to live closely with an unrepentant rogue Islamic nation (Pakistan) with a history of sponsoring Jihadi terrorists for the destruction of India. India should not work with them, tolerate them, or compromise with them. We cannot deal with Islamists peacefully who do not believe in peace. WE HAVE TO USE A FORCE CONTINUUM AGAINST JIHADIS FOR THE PROTECTION OF OUR SCRED LAND.

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