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Sent: Monday, December 28, 2020 at 5.50 PM
Details of all The Ten Gurus of Nanakpanthi Sikhs
                                      Date of Birth      Died                         Father                   Mother          
Guru Nanak Dev         15-4-1469        22-9-1539         Kalu Mehta              Tripta Devi
Guru Angad Dev         31-3-1504        29-3-1552         Pheru Mal Trehan   Ramo Devi
Guru Amar Das           05-5-1479          1-9-1574         Tejbhan Bhalla         Bakhat Kaur
Guru Ram Das             24-9-1534          1-9-1581         Hari  Das Sodhi        Daiya Wati
Guru Arjan Dev           15-4-1563        30-5-1606         Ram Das Sodhi        Bhani Devi     
Guru Har Govind        19-6-1595         28-2-1644        Arjan Dev Sodhi      Ganga Devi
Guru Hari Rai               16-1-1630         6-10-1661       Guruditta Sodhi      Nihal Kaur
Guru Har Krishan        07-7-1656         30-3-1664       Hari Rai Sodhi          Krishna Devi
Guru Teg Bahadur      01-4-1621         11-11-1675      Hari Gobind             Nanki
Guru Gobind Rai        22-12-1666        07-10-1708     Teg Bahadur Sodhi  Gujri Bai
     None of our Gurus liked to be called “Sardars”. Nor they liked to be sur-named “Singhs” because Sardar was/is an Islamic title – and they being Gurus (Teachers – Marg-darshaks) hated to be classified like junglis.
      It was our 10th Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who being an ardent follower of Lord Shiva and the son of our 9th Guru Teg Bahadur, who was murdered by Muslim tyrant King Aurangzeb, by cutting him limb by limb, made his son, change over from a “priest” to a “soldier”. Hence, he created “Khalsas” from his Hindu followers, making them drink “Ganga Jal-Amrit”, to fight and finish Islamic tyrants forever from our sacred land of Aryan warriors who had earlier been defeating and enslaving Iranians, Afghanis, Pushtun for centuries before Brahminic Snatan Dharma crept in cleverly making all Hindus gullible.
       Word “Khalistan” was never heard prior to 1947 – the birth year of “bastard” Pakistanis. Till then, and even now, the real Nanakpanthis/Sikhpanthis hate Muslims because they have been torturing and killing not only their Gurus, sons of the Gurus, but also their followers – whether “bearded” or “mounna”. We cannot forget that these Pakistanis looted or killed more than 4,00,000 of us during period of partition in areas that were given to Muslims as Pakistan as “baksheesh” to them by the Britishers.
                    “Jo bole so Nihal”

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