The issue described are:

  • Title Upadhya (one who teaches shastra and also shaastra)
    • Mukhopadhyay -> Mukharji
    • Bandhopadhyay -> Benerji
    • Gangopadhyay -> Ganguli (?)
    • Chattopadhay – > Cheternji
  • Vedic Rajkumaris’ names were based on the kingdom from where they cane
  • Nine Bhaarat’s states have Muslim majority
  • Conflict between two ideologies
  • Child marriage etc. came due to reaction of Mugal’s ill actions
  • Varna determined by karma, not by birth
  • Why ‘sar tan se judaa?’ Becaue they need any nonsense excuse. Cultural war.
  • Khilaphat movement. Currently Khilaphat 2.0 going on.
  • Right to Education Act. Make it Right To Equal Education Act for age 6 to 18 years.
  • Observe: No madrassa no ashanti; more madrassa more ashanti
  • Asuras want to bring Kayamai raat
  • Jan-sankhya-vishphot (Population explosion  very dangerous problem)
    • Asuras are hell bent to increase population
    • Statistics
  • Ghuspaith (intruders) (cause population explosion)
    • How bhrasht aachaar (a serious problem) is creating legal docs for the intruders.
    • During COROCA, Givt gave Ration cards to all who did not have it.
    • 50, 000 crore $s coming from Khadi countries.
    • Funding thru doubling salary with the condition to donate extra funds to Muslim interests
  • Current laws are those made by the Britishers; so the laws are anti-Hindu.
  • Punjab has become a center for Christian conversion
  • Hindus don’t question why a law, but obey the law
  • Suppressed Ayurved vs Alopathy
  • Land action act. lands acquired by Churches
  • Need to abolish laws made by Britishers
  • Bharat needs to adopt the US Federal Penal code
  • Need better laws and better govt./netas


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