One thought on “मु$ल्ले 70-80 साल के अरबी शेखो को बेच रहे अपनी 12 साल की छोटी बच्चियां subuhi khan

  1. 1). Colonel Asuthosh Sharma and 3 jawans died in An Encounter at Kashmir , bcoz of local Muslims shielding TERRORISTS. Terrorists shot from behind the local Muslims shield and Innocent father of An +2 girl died . WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?

    2). ====. MODIJI Amithshah BJP’s Government shud bring about A Bill — Those who are found supporting Terrorists, Criminals , Financial Terrorists , Illegal Activities, Anti National Activities , Destruction Of National Public Properties, Government Officials Guilty Of Corruption etc etc — will lose their Indian Passport , Ration card , Current Connection , Water Supply connection , VOTER CARD , Aadhaar card , Pension , Reservations and All Allowances From Government Of India. + All their Properties will be seized as NATURAL NATIONAL COMPENSATION….

    3). Example::: Burning of Ratnachal Express Train By Kapu leader Of ANDHRAPRADESH Mudragada Padmanabham — No punishment till date , even after necessary video evidences . What message does this convey to Anti Nationals ?? 20 crores lost … who will pay back ??

    4). ==== All those who supported colonel Asuthosh ‘S Murder shud get the Above described punishments

    5). Only peaceful protests shud be Allowed in India — Any Destruction …Strict punishments shud be mandatory . Who ever the culprit may be ..??
    Any road block , like in Shaheen bagh — Same punishment.

    MODIJI Amithshah BJP’s Government shud bring this Bill .. Pass it ..Implement it Immediately == As A Tribute To All victims of AntiNational Activities, Terrorists Activities In India …JaiHind ..

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