One thought on “रजिया सुल्तान कौन थी उसका महिमा मंडन क्यों? :- तुफैल चतुर्वेदी

  1. Ban , Banish the Hypocrite Foolish Supremacy Of The Supreme Court Immediately with an ordinance ..

    === Will these 3 Supreme Court Judges give the SAME Judgement, if their own 4 year old daughter was raped and murdered in the same way ??
    MODIJI Amithshah BJP’s Government shud Take the Responsibility for these FOOLISH JUDGES and Answer to God ….

    1). In a verdict that sparked outrage across the country, the Supreme Court commuted the death sentence of Mohd Firoz who was convicted of rape and murder of a 4-year-old minor girl saying that “every sinner has a future”. The Court also refused to sentence the convict to life imprisonment and instead awarded him 20 years of jail punishment.

    2) Earlier, the Madhya Pradesh HC had convicted Mohd Firoz of raping and murdering a minor girl and awarded him with capital punishment. Challenging the legality of the judgment that was passed by the Madhya Pradesh High Court in Jabalpur in 2014, the apex court cited the Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde stating that “the only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”

    3) A bench of Justices U U Lalit, S Ravindra Bhat, and Bela M Trivedi maintained that the basic principle of restorative justice as developed by the court over the years was to allow the offender to repair the damage caused and to become a socially useful individual after his release from the jail. “To allow the offender to repair the damage caused, and to become a socially useful individual when he is released from the jail -The maximum punishment prescribed may not always be the determinative factor for repairing the crippled psyche of the offender”, para 43 of the judgment read.

    4) In its judgement further, the Court stated that the Judge presiding over the criminal trial has not only to see that an innocent man is not punished but also has to see that the guilty man does not escape. “Right to a fair and speedy trial applies as much to the victim as the accused”, the judgement noted.

    When National Security, National Integrity , Religious Harmony is THREATENED due to Cunning Politicians, or due to Criminal Religious Heads like Pastors, Moulvis, Missionaries, Madarsas , etc etc. —- Primeminister should Even OVER RIDE the Supreme Court — and take decisions , even if it matters to eliminate those Anti Nationals — This is the Policy Of Many Countries like USA UK FRANCE , RUSSIA , China etc etc

    Supreme Court Of India is not God .
    Supreme Court Of India is sleeping when Hindus are massacred in Kashmir , Kerala , Waste Bengal , etc etc

    Supreme Court Of India never rushed to stop The Atrocities on Hindus or On policies made to Suppress Hindus and support Pakistan Bangladesh.
    Supreme Court Of India never rushed to stop Rohingyas or Terrorists .
    THEN WHY did it jump and send it’s STAY in JAHANGIR pura ?? Biased Totally biased — so MODIJI Amithshah BJP’s Government need not RESPECT IT ANY MORE…

    A). Islamic Terrorists, AntiNationals Of India are Taking Supreme Court Of India as their BEST SHELTER…

    B). Supreme Court Judges, Lawyers and All decision making Politicians, Government Officials—— are THREATENED BY TERRORIST ORGANISATIONS, ANTI NATIONALS , CIA, KGB etc === and Many of them are totally under the control of them .. example:: Arvind Kejriwal, KCR KTR , Mamatha Banerjee..

    C ). How can Hyderabad Nampally Court judge say that — There is no authentic proof on Akbaruddin Owaisi ‘S Anti Rama, Anti Hindu speech at Nirmal , Nizamabad === When there are Multiple video recordings and evidences ?? This is is the evidence , that courts lawyers, judges are totally under the iNFLUENCE …

    D). Supreme Court Of India ignores THE MOST IMPORTANT CASES PETITION S related to students , academic years , Entrances , RESERVATIONS , NIRBHAYA etc etc == but eagerly discusses DEC

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