2 thoughts on “यूक्रेन के दलदल में फंस गया रूस | एपिसोड 46 | CFTVmedia | Major Gaurav Arya

  1. Muslims of India are intentionally killing COWS just to protest against Hindus – For no cause . Especially in Muslim dominated Areas . They wanted to drive away Hindus From Hindusthani Areas .. How Ridiculous ??
    And Congress, samajvaadhi , AAP etc Support it for VOTEBANK politics..

    One shot Two Birds —
    1) Best lesson for Such Fanatic Islamic Terrorists is — Encourage, Establish Pork Industry in Jammu Kashmir , WestBengal , Kerala , Old city Hyderabad , etc etc

    2). Hizras , Fully fit , but yet Begging at Traffic signals , Trains — due to lack of Income == shud Be Encouraged into PORK INDUSTRY – High Quality Pork Production From our wasted food And EXPORT ..
    This gives them Good Employment, recognition and respect .
    === *** Food wasted at FCI godowns , cold storage’s , Hotels , Restaurents , HOSTELS , Function halls , vegetables fruit markets etc etc etc Shud Be utilised like this in A Environmentally friendly way ====***

    3) Pork is very good for Malnourished children , Pregnant ladies , Labourers and sick patients. Easily digestible and very very tasty.

    4) They want to make Hindusthan A Muslim Country — So they shud be driven out or Eliminated like this and Special Armed forces —

    5) Hizras force of Army shud be established for Anti National Elimination== Elimination Of All Anti Nationals secretly, Without any doubt To General Public, just as USA, China , Russia does ..

    MODIJI Amithshah Yogi Adityanath BJP’sGovernment— shud come out with Many Such innovative ideas to Counter The Cunning Corrupt Islamic invasion — Population jihad , Love jihad , Terrorism etc etc

    1. The idea of creating a hizra battalion in Army and Police is great, and also the use of creating pork industry is great idea to keep away the asuras.
      For spiritual advancement, however, the Hindus prefer to be vegetarians, but Dharma allows kshatriyas to be non-veg.

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