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Here are the prayers. Note the differences.
Hindu Prayer: To relate divinity through ‘Love.’
      Tvameva Maata cha Pitah tvameva  ….           Thou are my father, mother, brother, friend, …….
       The whole world is a family                               Vasundhaiva kutumbakam

       May all be happy                                                  Sarve api sukhino santu
       All are common by birth,                                    Janma jaata shudra sarve,
                superiority by good will and deeds                  karmena brahman bhavati
       Let truth shine over un-truths,                          Asato ma Sadagamaya,
                let light shine over darkness                             tamaso ma jyothirgamaya
       Where women are treated with dignity,          Yatra naari poojyanthe,
                there roam divinity                                             ramane tetra devata

Truth is one, sages call it differently                   Ekam sat, vipraha bahudha vadanti

Buddhist prayer: Om Mani Padme Hum. Goodness comes out of goodness. There is the jewel in the lotus.
You can see lotus, but not the jewel in it. That is, all your good deeds and good wishes ‘Lotus’ do have Universal values and responses ‘Jewel.’
Islamic prayer: Let me attack and win over the Kuffars (Unbelievers), Mushriqs (Idol-worshipers, i.e. Hindus),
                            Yahuds (Jews) and Nasaras (Christians).
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