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This is to acknowledge the receipt of your esteemed message. Many sincere thanks for the same. In sheer response to it, I would like to stress that the Muslims are the worst human beings I have in event come across the world.
Yes, and the root cause is Koran, hadith, and Sura. It is Islam, the software virus that if settles in human brain, makes one demoniac. – Suresh Vyas
They prove to be the direct antagonists who go offending the rest of the population of the earth like the Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Christians, Sikhs, Bahais, etc. According to a hearsay rumor, Islam is a sheer blend of Judaism and Christianity. However most of their traditions tally with that of the Jews rather than the Christians. The Jews and the Christians share the Holy Bible whereas the Muslims possess their own independent holy book called the Koran. Thus it is to be noticed clearly that we the Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jains, Sikhs, bahais, etc. can never get along with them at all. The Hindu-Muslim combat has become a common phenomena in India since a long period for sure.
You must definitely have heard of THAMEL — a famous tourist hub of Kathmandu City. The big plaza is dotted with the shops owned by the obnoxious Kashmiris here and there who go dealing with the enchanting novelties on display as well as for sale. This is but a mare excuse, you see. Their inner plans are to supply lethal weapons under the black market though we wish to retain THAMEL as a white market always. The weak and stupid government of Nepal has not been able to exterminate the Islamic devils, you see. Perhaps the governmental authority has been bribed much under the table – say the lump-sum amounts. However, it is to be noticed that the pure Muslim citizens of Nepal are not the true ones to create any havoc all around unnecessarily. They were all born in Nepal and hold citizenship of descent order. It is the outsiders that bring troubles in a permanent manner. They are the hypocrites, mind you.
Strictly speaking, Kathmandu Valley has today rather turned out into a “Nest of Spy.” The corrupted government, full of liars, cheaters and swindlers, have not been able to control the entire frontier lines lying to the east, to the south and to the west (700 miles in total). The loose borders after all — how ridiculous indeed! What an insult also! The political leaders of Nepal never care for their reputation except money. This is the tough problem we require to solve spontaneously. We have not forgotten the ruffian Muslims annoying the innocent sober mild Buddhists in Bangladesh. I fully agree to what the renowned political leader Ang Sang Su Kee of Burma did to the Rohingas. The latter were all chased back to Bangladesh. The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize committed the right thing to restore the wanted peace back to the Burmese soils. The Muslims bear a big hatred towards all the other remaining communities. Their salient principle is to destroy another’s religion by all means. At present, we are struggling a different and strange war — the Axis Power of the Muslims against the Allies Power of all the remaining globe. God help us all for the ultimate victory.
We trust that Islam is a new religion in comparison to the other ancient civilizations being introduced in the remaining parts of the world. Yes, Bangladesh (former East Pakistan), Pakistan (former West Pakistan), Afghanistan, Persia, Mesopotamia, etc. were all Buddhist countries. I have also heard of the Buddhist shrines existing in the island nation of Maldives. Islam appeared much later only. We want our “Zone of Peace” back forever. Affirmatively, there is a lesson for the Nepalese by all means. More of highlighted texts from you are expedited at this end. As a matter of fact, Muslim nations like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Maldives, Persia, Mesopotamia, etc. have together declared Nepal a “Zone of Peace”, you see. Recall the modern history of the past for a while. Some presume that the Shangri-La appears in Kashmir as well.
It pretty much looks that south-eastern nations like Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia also have declared Nepal a “Zone of Peace.” I need to consult my old record for a while. I firmly remember that 144 countries have declared Nepal a “Zone of Peace” though another professor of political science has claimed that the score has in event reached 160. I once heard that the Muslims and the Christians had a fight in Philippines. Thus it is to be understood that they are not in good terms at all. And Indonesia is the Islamic county carrying the highest population of Muslims on earth. The Buddhist monks and nuns of Nepal have received a lot of aid, in cash and kind, from Malaysia to support their monasteries. Thank you.
Faithfully yours,
Amrit Ratna Tuladhar, B.A.
World Peace Marcher

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