From: Sanjeev Kulkarni < >

Khalistanis and traitors based in foreign countries financing this agitation counted on blood bath, riot and deaths of so-called farmers.  They would have declared Gujarat-II on Modi.  But Modi turned the tables by deliberately setting up the trap.  Police were instructed to handle it with kid gloves and show to the world the real face of ‘farmers’ agitation. The whole country has gone against them and more than half the people deserted the agitation after this event.  These gullible people entered the trap set for them.  You must know we have to show to the world that the dog is made before shooting it.  Got it?
There is a timing for everything. Watch the Welcome party and reception given to the Khalistanis when they entered UP.  
लालकिला विजेताओं का.. यू. पी. में घुसते ही.. योगी पुलिस द्वारा भव्य स्वागत.. 👌👍👏👏 .
यह वही ट्रैक्टर हैं जो.. लाल किले में.. बेरीकेटिंग तोड़कर.. पुलिस वालों को कुचलते हुए अंदर तक घुस गए थे 🤔😰 .
योगी पुलिस ने.. इन ट्रैक्टरों की पहचान की, और यूपी में घुसते ही.. इनका स्वागत किया 👍 👏👏👏

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