Why Indian brains are working for the Western countries, and not for India? Because:

  1. The Congress gov’t has/had no interest that India rise. It was a permit Raj where unqualified persons were given jobs, and power that they did not know hot to use for the benefit of the nation.
  2. There were qualified people, but no opportunities for employment.

So, if the gov’t creates environment like what is in USA, then the Indian Brains sure will work in/for India.

AI will create a lot of unemployment, a serious problem for the nation. What to do?

  1. Do as Japan does. All employees loyal to the company and the nation. No company fires an employee because his/her job is taken away by robots or AI. So, no fear of unemployment to the employee.
  2. Make people Vedic Dharma premi and Hindu Raasthr premi so that they begin to live per dharma correctly. If it happens, they will not waste money, and would be able to live simply and work to advance spiritually.
  3. The would get employment in Agriculture, service, and construction fields. Train them as doctors, nurses, drivers, deliverymen, dairymen, civil engineers, architects, massage therapists, etc.
  4. Train them as well qualified Vedic preachers and purohits. Then employ 2 of them in each village to frustrate the missionaries who come there to convert the gullible Hindu villagers. The  funding for it must come from gov’t, temples, and rich Hindus
  5. Engage them in social work to reduce sufferings and promote the Vedic Dharma
  6. Train them as Raashtra Premi soldiers and recruit them in military and police forces.

jaya sri krishna!


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