Tarek Fatah ji loved Hindustan and Hindu culture, and some things are conflicting in Him:

  • He says he is a Sunni Muslim , and also a communist. Muslims believe in God, and communists don’t.
  • He says there is Allah’s Islam and Mullah’s Islam; and he has not identified Allah’s Islam. There is only one Koran that says Muslims to convert Hindus or kill them.
  • He says a democracy should be run by laws made by parliament only, and not by the messages from a religious scripture. This is true for Islam and Xianity, but he has not realized yet that the Vedic/Hindu Dharma is universal religion for mankind, and Dharma says that the  kings or politicians must have a Dharma Guru for guidance. As the constitution and the laws are more and more in harmony with the Dharma, the better for the country as well as for the world.


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