From: Suresh Vyas < >

Sri Bina Goel ji,
Below are your lines and my responses.
“I have decided that for if SWAMI PARAMHANS JI is given O.K. by
President of India for “ICCHA MRITU” “
sv: Yes, the law says to end one’s own life is illegal, but it is not enforceable.
During Kumbh Mela, some choose to quit the body.
 I will go to AYODHYA to FAST UNTO DEATH to support him for BHARAT to be declared HINDU RASTRA
sv: I do not recommend it for two reasons:
1) No Hindu Dharma scripture tells us to fast, or fast till death, for a political reason.
2) The modus operandi of the Islam is to use brute force to spreaad Islam and kill kafirs. So, if a kafir dies by fasting, then it is the easiest thing for them.
Therefore, I suggest start a movement, be on streets with friends and whoever comes to join, to press the govt to officially declare Bhaarat a Vedic/Hindu State, where the constitution will be pro-Vedic, and Islam will be illegal.
(it is hindu rastra as 80 Percent population is HINDU) by Act of LOK/RAJYA SABHA and bill passed by RASTRAPATI JI.
sv: Doable. Let us press the President to do it.
I am 81 year old and Ex-Medical Officer (Army No.RO(M) 20326 and VETERON
served during Indo-Pak War 1971 and was posted at COMILA(Now Bangladesh)
3 General Hospital under 3 Corps of Lt.Gen. SAGAT SINGH, My comm.Officer
was Col. KUDWA. At present I am a practising Pathologist At Indore, My Mob Nos are 9893966540 & 6264307075.
sv: My praNaam to you for the service you did and are doing.
I am deeply impressed by your thoughts,
sv: All glory to my Guru and Sri Krishna!. I am just an ordinary Krishna devotee.
Every moment at this time the Hindus have to think how to defeat the enemies of Bhaarat and enemies of the Hindus and Hindu Dharma who are close wherever they are.
Unity, and united actions for the goal is the mantra of today till Bhaarat becomes Vedic State.
jaya sri krishna!


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