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Dhirendra Sharma

Centre for Science Policy/Concerned
Scientists & Philosophers,
“Nirmal-Nilay”, Dehradun 248009 (India).
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Sharma ji,

Your signature block (shown above) indicates you are on a gov’t position related to science and technology.
Your Ref. line: “In the 21st century  civilization, there will be no exclusive space or quota for any one gender, caste, region , or religion.”
sv: This was true before the Abrahamic (Judaism, Xianity, and Islam) religions came, and man-made religion–Communism–was created. These are “religions or ideologies.” In contrast, Vedic (meaning same as Hindu, Sanaatan, or Varna-aashrm) is Dharma. So, if you are saying that Dharma has to prevail in the 21st century, then I would agree. If you are saying that all people will give up their religions or Dharma, then I do not see it possible.
Being a Hindu, we need to understand what is Dharma and why it is Sanaatan.
The original book of Dharma is the Vedas, that, per the Veda, are with us since the time of creation. Veda is no man-made, but given by God after God created man.  This is like if you create a company, you create rules and regulations, and the goal of the company, that the employees and all in the company live by.
Until about 5118 years ago, the Veda was kept in the memory of the disciples in a disciplic succession starting from Brahma, the first human, per Srimad Bhagavatan. Then Vyasdev realized that in the coming Kaliyug people will not have memory; so He put it on paper. Since then we have Veda on paper.
The Veda provides complete spiritual science, knowing and living in consideration of the science one advances spiritually. As one advances spiritually, one lives more and more sin-free. Now living sin-free cannot be a problem to anyone.
Therefore, when a person or a nation advances spiritually, more and more people become happy and prosperous.
Just as material science is universal, so is the spiritual science. The pursuit of science and technology, so far in the world is used mostly for sense gratification with total disregard for the spiritual science or Dharma (again it is nor “religion”).  This is suicidal. That is why Puri Shankaracharya (and other Vaishnav aacharyas) say that any विकास w/o Dharma will not bring peace, but disaster for mankind.
The world does not know that Dharma is not a religion like Islam, Xianity, etc.; or that Dharma is universal religion for mankind because all prayers in the Veda address all humans of any place and time, and also includes nature. So, dharma practice is eco-friendly too. 
Therefore, it is your and the govt’s duty to inform the Hindus as well as the world that Hindu is inherently tolerant of all the faiths that are respectful to the Hindu dharma and culture; and therefore we Hindus do not need “secularism” in Bharat because secularism is European medicine against Xianity. It is not svadeshi concept.  
Once the world knows that Dharma is universal and its practice makes people live-sin-free, all would want Bhaarat to become a Vedic State Nation.
All other things you wrote about space, time, space travel has no relevance as far as happiness of more and more people is concerned. Hindustan’s identity is her emphasis on living her Dharma and on knowing the Truth. So I shared some for you and the govt.
Note – If you respond to my email, please keep my email along with your response, and cc to all Hindus you know. Knowledge has to be spread.
jaya sri krishna!
Suresh Vyas
Vedic preacher and purohit


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