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“इसलिए एक गणितज्ञ ने चिढ़कर कहा था कि

गणित मे भगवान और अनंत के लिए कोई जगह नही है ?”

sv: Vedic scripture have a popular prayer: असतो मा सत् गमय।
That says, ” O God, lead us from untruth to truth (ultimately to absolute truth.)
The means for knowing the truth for science is only the five senses, and logic based on material world.
Science is lame is studying the spiritual science अध्यात्म विद्या.
This is like you cannot catch your hand with a fork in the same hand you want to catch.
Additionally, the logic in the spiritual domain is different than the logic in the material domain. E.g. a materialist would want to enjoy more and more with the senses, whereas a spiritualist would restrain/control senses.
Additionally, per the Vedic scriptures, no human can completely figure out God or His creation (prakriti).
No one can over smart god, or be equal to god.  So, attaining/ realizing god is a journey to infinity, and it ends only when you decide to end it. When you are sufficiently advanced spiritually, you get siddhi, even if you do not want them, but you still are far from Gad; but for the common people you are god, meaning they think you are god.  The same happens in the advancement of material science. Many scientists have said that more they learn about the nature, they realize there is a lot they do not know.
Materials have inertia, meaning material does not change its motion or direction or itself without any external fore working on it. each spiritual entity (the jiva), although weightless, also has inertia in the form of false ego.
When a jiva frees itself from false ego, then it becomes pure aatmaa (sat, chit, aanand). That is god realization.
Thus there is parallel between the material domain and the spiritual domain as is mentioned in Bhagavad Gita:
ऊर्ध्व मूलम् अधः शाखम् अश्वत्थ प्राहुरव्यम्। – Gita 15.1
For anything we use for living, has a creator. Someone designed it, and someone made it, and it too time to create, more or less depending on complexity, availability etc.
Same way, the material and the galaxies, etc. also has a creator–God.
We humans cannot create something w/o material that is created by God.
But god can create anything, any time, and that does not take time.
As soon as God wishes to create it happens instantly. For us humans as witness, it seems to us that things happened out of nothing and w/o creator, but it is not so.
This is the information from our Vedic scriptures.
“भगवान से याद आया कि उसे शून्य माना जाये या अनंत ? है तो दोनो ही निराकार, अपरिभाषित है।”
sv: God is not 0. God is one and only one per the Vedic scriptures (e.g. Gita)
It is the human limitation that makes different people think of god in different ways.

“चलते चलते एक और प्रश्न क्या ब्रह्माण्ड ∞ (अनंत) है ?”
sv: Yes, for humans the universe is infinite. We will never find the boundary of the universe.
Because God is everywhere, therefore God is also infinity also.
But He has His personal form and His abode; and He can take any other form as he chooses.
Sometime He takes a special form to please His devotee.  
This like a father becomes a horse for his child. Gyaan yogis have difficulty understanding this because they are stuck in material logic (a means of seeking the truth).
With all that said, the time now is to not engage in such debates till Islam is purged out from Bhaarat and Bhaarat is made a Hindu State, not secular.
jaya sri krishna!
Suresh Vyas
Vedic preacher and purohit

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