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लातों के भूत वातों से नहिं मानते॥

Dear Sirs,

  1. Thanks to those you have reacted, and gave their views. Based on those, my further personal comments/views are:

(a)    Boycotting Muslims is independent issue from preparing ourselves for Civil war (or riots)

(b)   Boycotting can be started right now. As stated earlier, we do not want to involve government for this. We need not involve Government (to support our idea, as suggested by some) to boycott Muslims economically/socially etc., because though Muslims are against Hindus, they are still citizens of India. (unfortunately for us!!). Therefore, government cannot take any such stance (boycotting Muslims) officially. We just have to educate our people for boycotting, by spreading the word. (My good friend, my name sake, Dr Vinod Karnik, from Pune, has removed his Muslim driver and stopped taking kirana and mutton from Muslim shop. He has now, formed an informal group of 10 people who, spread the massage and actively boycott Muslims. We can emulate him.)


(c) For preparing ourselves for Civil war (or riots), again, government is NOT to be involved. However, we have to ensure that: —

(i) Likeminded Hindu organizations are required to be involved.

(ii) We have to create workable organization at each level (City, town, village, suburb, housing society, mohalla level etc., without attracting attention.) Such organizations can be sub divided into teams allotting specific work/task. Teams should be mix of civilians, ex police (BSF, CRPF etc.) and defense personnel, and young population. {During Gujarat riots in 1968-69, which lasted for approx. three weeks, I witnessed it, as Captain and took part in anti-riot operations, when the Gujarat state was handed over to Army. At Ahmadabad, the Hindus had organized patrolling, and had organized Nakas (Security post) 24 hours, in each locality for safety.}


(iii)We have to think and implement, about our own strategy /preparation, methodology and financial support.


(iv) Initial training for defense and other aspect be given

(v)Material has to be procured and kept at centrally locations (Muslims are keeping in nominated Masjids.)

(vi)Requirement of passage of information and quick reaction, which involves effective fast communication.


(d) As suggested by some, Islam or Koran cannot be declared illegal at this stage, by Government. It has its legal and constitutional complication. However, we can educate Hindus about tenants of Islam and educate Hindus, that basically, Islam is not religion of “Bhaichara” as believed /understood by educated and uneducated, Hindus.


(e) Boycotting will not cause riots. The boycotting has to be done “silently” (as a covert action). No NGO is required to be formed for this, for obvious reasons. Boycotting can be done by individuals, and one need not wait to formally organize it.


  1. Any more suggestions please? I am sure lot many members must be having views, especially those who witnessed riots during their tenure of duty, or otherwise.


Jai Ho!

___ Major General V S Karnik (Retired) (28 Mar 2020.)


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