The asuras (the recent past bhrashta party) attempted to artificially created “saffron terrorism” to balance Islamic terrorism.

But they could not find existence of a network required to create and support the saffron terrorists; and they could not show the motive for saffron terrorism.

The phrase “saffron terrorism” is an oxymoron.

The Pulwama attach was created by the asuras through Pakistan before the 2019 election to defame the to be PM; but the asuras miscalculated the reaction of the lion PM.

The defeated communism lost against Taliban; and the Talibanis (Islamists/Pak) and the communists united to finish Hindus and Hindu dharma in Hindustan.

It is obvious that peace and prosperity and honor in the world is possible only by re-electing BJP (Modi ji) in all future elections.

-Suresh Vyas


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