1. Except for the creation of Pakistan, why Islam has spread by invasions in other countries and by forced conversions?
  2. In the times or riots why many Muslims submit their best Hindu (or non-Muslim) friends to rioters for killing?
  3. Why a non-Muslim wife of a Muslim man is forced to convert to Islam?
  4. Why all religions, except Islam, are illegal in most Muslim countries?
  5. Why all the Muslim invaders in Hindustan in last 1000 years destroyed Hindu temples and slaughtered Hindus, and raped their women?
  6. Why all the terrorists are Muslims?
  7. Why almost all riots in India are started by Muslims?
  8. Why Hindustani Muslims refuse to sing vande maataram song, knowing well that Islam has invaded in Hindustan by force and it does belong there?
  9. Why India was partitioned in 1947, which created Pakistan on the Hindu land?
  10. Why ISIS and Boko Haram do not understand human rights of non-Muslims?
  11. Why Kashmiri pundits (the Hindus) overnight had to quit their homes and State, and are living as refugees in their own country?
  12. Why Muslim men do not give equal freedom to women?
  13. Why Muslim rulers in Hindustan were collecting jizya (poll tax for practicing their Hindu dharma) from the Hindus?
  14. Why Muslims are demanding separate prayer rooms and separate schools in non-Muslim countries?
  15. Why Muslims are killing non-violent Buddhist monks in Malaysia?
  16. Why Muslims create hindrance to Hindus celebrating their religious festivals in their own homeland?
  17. Why Muslims demand Sharia law in non-Muslim countries?
  18. Why Muslims do not understand human rights of non-Muslims?
  19. Why Muslims gang rape non-Muslims?
  20. Why Muslims keep imitating so called Prophet Muhammad who was a brutal warrior against those who refused to accept Islam?
  21. Why Muslims resist Hindus to build Rama Temple at Babri mosque that is built on Rama temple that was destroyed by a Muslim ruler Babar?
  22. Why Muslims riot when someone creates or publishes a cartoon or picture of Mohammed?
  23. Why non-Muslims are not allowed to enter in Mecca or in mosques?
  24. Why Taliban shot missiles at Bamian Buddha statue in Afghanistan?
  25. Why the Hindus are being killed by Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and in West Bengal, and even in Hindustan?
  26. Why the Muslims cannot tolerate non-Muslim women without burkha?
  27. Why there is fatwa on Salman Rushdie, Taslisma Nashreen, Robert Spencer, Tarek Fatah, etc. intellectuals?
  28. Why there is no peace where there is Islam?
  29. Why the punishment for blasphemy -apostasy – is death?
  30. Why Muslims force Islam on non-Muslims?
  31. Why hijab is forced on women, even on pre-puberty girls?
  32. Why University of Medina in Saudi Arabia refuses to admit female students?
  33. Why Islam approves slavery?
  34. Why Islam is against the laws created democratically by parliament?




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