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*गांधी वध क्यों* एक ऐसी पुस्तक

To call Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ” Mahatma’ or great person, holy person is a not a mistake but a blunder, which is destroying Hindus and Hinduism and everything attached to glorious word Hindu for nearly a century since his arrival in British India from South Africa in 1915.

Mahatma is he who thinks, treats and acts with balance to treat and behaves equally with all as far as possible but Gandhi treated Muslims better and considered them superior and close to his heart for this you see his writings, actions and acts of appeasement throughout so it is correct to call him ‘ Duratma’ or evil person.


Gandhi polluted are devotional songs by adding the line ‘ ishwar allah tera naam’ in the bhajan, (so it is not worth singing any more). Then he advised and introduced reading of Qu ‘ran in Temples. He also asked Muslims to read and recite Gita and Ramayan in Masjids, Muslims not only ignored but laughed and mocked on this. Hindus read Qu’ ran in many temples (skanda987 thinks this is not correct.)


Non-Muslims must know the meaning of Allah. Allah is not synonymous to God. ‘Allah’ means God of Muslims only according to their Book.


Rajghat must be demolished and it must be replaced with the monuments of true sons and daughters of Bharatmata, not with those who destroyed Akhand Bharat and who gave us broken, partitioned, mutilated, divided, disfigured, depressed corrupt and chaotic Bharat.


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